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24V DC Motor

Model: ZYT Series DC Motor
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Place of Origin: Made In China
Brand Name: JACTON
DC Motor Descriptions
Some customers required 24V DC Motor Screw Jack, 12V DC Motor Screw Jack, 36V DC Motor Screw Jack, 48V DC Motor Screw Jack, 72V DC Motor Screw Jack or higher voltage dc motor matching screw jacks, especial for motor driven screw jack for solar tracking system precision positioning. DC Motor power ranges from 50w to 4500W; Rotation speed 1300rpm, 1500rpm, 2000rpm, 2500rpm, 3000rpm, 6000rpm;  Mounting models include housing mounting, flange mounting, foot mounting, normally to match screw jacks with flange mounting, foot mounting.

DC Motor Ordering Information

DC Motor Technical Data

DC Motor Flange Mounting Dimensions

DC Motor Foot Mounting Dimensions

DC Motor 130ZYT Models Flange Mounting and Foot Mounting Dimensions

3-4KW High Power Low Voltage DC Motor Technical Data and Dimensions

4.5KW High Power Low Voltage DC Motor Technical Data and Dimensions

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