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Worm Gear Screw Jacks Future

Forty years history of development of screw jack in China, which is widely used in various fields of China's national economy and defense industries. According to preliminary statistics, the amount of screw jack a hundred million units, the relatively large amount of industries such as electronic appliances, building materials machinery, road construction machinery, petroleum machinery, conveying machinery, chemical machinery, hydraulic project, light industry machinery, irrigation machinery, mining machinery , construction machinery, cement machinery, metallurgical machinery, rubber manufacturing machinery, food machinery, electrical machinery, environmental protection machinery etc. Now 60%-70% screw jacks are used these industries to replace foreigh brand screw jacks.

Since 2008, China adopted a very aggressive fiscal and monetary policies, stimulated domestic demand, investing heavily in infrastructure, investment in fixed assets efforts were intensified, the development of various industries into the fast lane. Especially in infrastructure investment to accelerate development of building materials, electric power, metallurgy, energy, construction machinery, therefore, the demand of screw jacks gradually expanded. In the recognition and support of the government of the engineering industry, important equipment manufacturing nationalization quickening and city reconstruction and venue construction projects started, screw jacks future is optimistic, the entire industry continue to maintain rapid development, sales amount will be greatly improved. Therefore, industry experts suggestions screw jacks companies should design new type screw jacks to meet the needs of the market.

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