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Company Public Notice Three-In-One

Policy Briefings: The registration system reform is a major policy decision made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and is an important part for deepening the commercial system reform, and is one more vital reforming measure following the one concerning advancing subscription to corporate registered capital. It is of great significance toward streamlining administration and delegating power, facilitating entry into the market, encouraging investment and entrepreneurship and adding dynamism into the market.

The State Council General Office issued the guidelines about the registration system reform, and required a speeding up of the reform. It combines three paper forms - industrial and commercial business license, organization code Certificate and the tax registration certificate issued respectively by the industry and commerce bureau, quality supervision and taxation authorities. The new registration paradigm introduces "One License Plus One Code" - a business license with a unified social credit code. The organization code certificate and the tax registration certificate will not be issued anymore. Enterprises can directly manage their taxation registration and banking accounts with their business licenses. This is what we call a three-in-one.

Dongguan Jacton Industry Co.,Ltd Old Certificates Information:
1. Industrial and Commercial Business License Registered No.: 441900001626823
2. Organization Code: 07026567-X
3. Tax Registration Certificate(VAT): 44190007026567X

Three-In-One Update Dongguan Jacton Industry Co.,Ltd New Certificates Information
Industrial and Commercial Business License With a Unified Social Credit Code: 9144190007026567X3.

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Company Public Notice Three-In-One Update Dongguan Jacton Industry Co.,Ltd New Certificates Information
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