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Congratulations, JACTON Industry Are Manufacturing The Biggest Orders In Screw Jacks Industry

JACONT Industry Co.,Ltd is alway insist on Quality First, Service First, Reputation First and Competitive Price. From these points, we are The Highest Cost Performance Company in Screw Jacks, Miter Gearboxes and Lifting Systems Industries in China. 

Congratulations, JACTON Industry Are Manufacturing The Biggest Orders. In Screw Jacks Industry, It is not only The Biggest Order for JACTON Industry Co.,Ltd, but also The Biggest Order is for all Screw Jacks Factories in China. 

Screw Jacks Order Qty: 1700 Sets.
Miter Gearboxes
Order Qty: 500 Sets.
Lifting Systems Accessories
Order Qty: 5000 Sets.
Product List
Manual Electric Screw Jack
Electric Screw Jack
Manual Screw Jack
Worm Screw Jack
JT Acme Screw Jack
JTC Cubic Screw Jack
JTM Worm Screw Jack
JTW Machine Screw Jack
JSS Stainless Steel Jack
JTH Compact Screw Jack
Custom Made Screw Jack
Ball Screw Jack
JTB Ball Screw Jack
JTD Cubic Ball Screw Jack
Bevel Gear Jack
High Speed Screw Jack
Quick Lifting Screw Jack
Bevel Gear Ball Screw Jacks
Miter Gearbox
JT Miter Gearbox(T)
JTP Miter Gearbox(Cubic)
JTA Miter Gearbox(Mini)
Hollow Shaft Gearbox
Stainless Steel Gearbox
High Speed Gearbox
Lift System and Accessories
Screw Jack System
Lift System Accessories
Lift System Applications
Linear Actuators
Parallel Linear Actuators
Inline Linear Actuators
Electric Linear Cylinder
Mechanical Linear Actuators
Jacton Industry Co.,Ltd.
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Skype: jactonjack
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F: 86-769-81585852
E: sales@jactonindustry.com
W: www.screw-jack.com

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