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We can supply precise, reliably worm gear screw jack systems.
We can supply precise, reliably worm gear screw jack systems configured jacking drive units, connecting shafts, mitre gear boxes, motors, etc. that conform both to current industrial-machine legislation and standards and to your exact function requirements. The jacking systems and components are all duly certified.

jack screw lift table

Multi-screw synchronized jack systems with electrical synchronization are distinguished by their low requirements in terms of mechanical connecting elements (and therefore lack of running noise), but they do require more sophisticated controls. Precise configuration of the drive motors, in conjunction with a master-slave layout,

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Types of Screw Jack: There are a few variations of screw jack available depending on the specific application. These variations can be achieved with either a machine screw jack or ball screw jack and are largely chosen based upon the multi-link screw jack system architecture in to which they are to be fitted: Translating Screw Jack.

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Mechanical screw jacks can be operated by manually or by electrical motor. More than one screw jacks can be connected together to move simultaneously lifting screws jack system. Screw Jack Applications: Paper, press, printing industry, Gypsum factories, Sheet metal forming machinery, Mechanical lifting applications, Platform lifting applications

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Full range of coupling and drive shafts so you can build complete worm gear lift jacking systems. We have a range of flexible jaw couplings with elastomeric elements and steel geared couplings for high torque transmission. Drive shafts are available in a self-supporting design that does not require plummer block bearing supports and in the traditi

synchronized jack systems

We offers a wide range of reduction gearboxes for actuator and multi-units screw jack system building whether it be a single motorised actuator or several screw jacks mechanically linked. The gearboxes available are available as motorised units as standard, however the gearbox unit itself can be supplied. The most popular types of gearboxes are

screw jacks to lift systems

If multiple machine screw jacks are connected in a mechanically linked lift system then the complete system may be considered self-locking. Alternatively, to be sure, include a brake on the system either as a stand alone device or as a brake motor. Providing dependable linear actuator systems from sports arenas, education, medical to heavy metal

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4 jack system of the most popular system configurations are the 'H', U, T and I configured jacking systems. Note that multiple screw jacks can be linked together mechanically or electrically. The latter is useful if there is no space for linking drive shafts.

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Screw Jack Jacking Systems are that the screw jacks can be connected together in systems so that multiple units can be operated and controlled together. These jacking system arrangements or configurations can be built in many formats with the use of bevel gearboxes, motors, reduction gearboxes, drive shafts, couplings, plummer blocks and

multiple screw jacks lifting system

* Simple and inexpensive solution in comparison with hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
* A defined load can be moved to an exact position at a preset speed.
* Several Screw jacks can be synchronised by means of connection shafts and an electronic controller

multiple screw jacks lift table

One advantage of a worm screw jack is the ability to link them together as a screw jack lift system. Many design engineers consider screw jacks for use in their applications, as they have a unique ability to be linked together using shafting and miter boxes using a single common motor.

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Screw Jacks are inherently safe and comply with a number of standards for machinery, synchronous lifting tables and platform. Some of the main safety features are:
Safety Nuts – Secondary follow Nuts can allow monitoring of wear and secondary redundancy if Nut fails in service. Sensors can be fitted to detect failure/max wear reached.

worm gear screw jack systems

The nature of the worm gear screw jack systems are that the layout of the mechancial linkage is variable. Single or twin shaft motors cobined with bevel gearboxes can offer a number of 4 jack layout solutions to fit your application. Some Benefits of the Jack layouts: * Compact Layout using Motor inboard of Jacks

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A typical modular screw jack system with trapezoidal (acme) lead screw may consist of a number of screw jacks connected to gearboxes and driveshafts to provide very accurate, reliable lifting/positioning solutions. Due to the system architecture screw jacks are inherently clean in their operation with no contaminants to be released to their

table lift screw mechanism

screw jack table lift systems may be suited more to installations that require non-continuous or intermittent use. The life of an trapezoidal screw jack system is dependent on the rotational speed of operation, load on the contacting gear faces and lubrication. They are not appropriate for continuous operation situations due to the friction in

synchronized lifting system with screw jacks

A screw jack lifting system is likely to be more expensive than a hydraulic cylinder but an electromechanical system is simpler to install than the equivalent hydraulic system and maintenance costs are low. Further cost benefits may come from the fact that power is only required when the system is in operation. This differs from hydraulic and

miniature motorized acme screw shaft systems

Modular System: Build a screw jack synchronized lifting system from our range of modular components Jack Screws, drive shafts, gearboxes and accessories designed for compatibility and interconnection.

screw lift electric height adjustable system

Screw jacks and lifting systems offer wide-ranging lifting and positioning solutions for diverse industries. Our robust jacks reliably move and accurately position loads up to 100-tons. We configures jacks with components such as motors, gear reducers, shafting, coupling, and motion control devices to complete multi-jack worm gear systems.

screw type lift systems

Greater loads can be catered for with a bespoke screw jack or screw jack type lift systems which can be designed and manufactured to your requirements. Screw jacks are perfect for heavier industrial applications. Available in a wide range of configurations, the screw jack can also be modified to suit your individual requirements.

motorized screw drive systems

Multi-jack Lifting & Linear Motion Systems: screw jacks and worm lifting systems offer wide-ranging lifting and positioning solutions for diverse industries and our robust jacks reliably move and accurately position loads up to 200-tons. We configures jacks with components such as motors, gear reducers, shafting, coupling, and motion control devic

Best screw jack lifting and positioning systems

Jacks may be used in multiple lifting screw jack systems arrangements by connecting shafting, couplings and gear boxes to simultaneously transmit power to the input shafts of the jacks. We provides gearboxes for use with jacks. Make certain that the total torque and horsepower required by the arrangement does not exceed the ratings of the box.
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