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JTS150 Bevel Gear Jack

Model: JTS150 Bevel Gear Jack
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Place of Origin: Made In China
Brand Name: JACTON

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JTS150 Bevel Gear Jack Specifications

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JTS150 Bevel Gear Jack Ordering Information

JTS   -   150  -   UR   -   300   -   H   -   II   -   B   -   HW
   1            2          3           4          5        6       7          8         

1. Jack Series

JT: "Jacton" brand screw jack
S series bevel gear jack

. Load Capacity
150: 150kN load capacity.
Before selecting 150 frame no., please check above JTS150 bevel gear jack specifications

3. Screw Configuration & Mounting Orientation
US: Upright translating screw                UK: Upright keyed screw                 UR: Upright rotating screw
IS: Inverted translating screw                 IK: Inverted keyed screw                 IR: Inverted rotating screw

4. Travel Stroke
300, means travel stroke 300mm
Processing lift screw stroke according to clients needs. JTS150 bevel gear jack travel stroke, under max. compression load, without guides 500mm, with guides 1000mm. Under tension load, max. 2500mm.

5. Gear Ratio
JTS150 bevel gear jack gear ratios include 1:1, 2:1.
H: High gear ratio 1:1, 12mm travel length per full turn of input drive shaft.                                      
L: Low gear ratio 2:1, 6mm travel length per full turn of input drive shaft

6. Lift Screw End Fittings
JTS150 bevel gear jack standard lift screw end fittings includes top plate, clevis end, threaded end, plain end. If you have your own lift screw end fitting design, we can make them following your requirements.

Drive Shaft Input Types
Note: drive shafts can be rotated in forward and reverse directions, and any one of the shafts can be as input shaft.
A: Single input shaft drive.             
B: Inline double shafts drive, input shaft clockwise rotation, another shaft anticlockwise rotation.            
B2: Right angle double shafts drive, input shaft clockwise rotation, another shaft clockwise rotation. 
C: Three shafts drive, input shaft clockwise rotation, inline double shafts, one is clockwise rotation, another is anticlockwise rotation.            
D: Four shafts drive, input shaft clockwise rotation, inline shaft is clockwise rotation, right angle inline double shafts, one is clockwise rotation, another is anticlockwise rotation. 

8. Accessories
N: No accessory
PP: Protective pipe (lifting screw dustproof and rustproof)
BB: Bellows boot (lifting screw dustproof and rustproof)
HW: Hand wheel (hand operated jack, optional hand crank)
DC: Digital counter or digital position indicator (installed on worm shaft, precision display stroke)
EM: Electric motor (motor driven jack, optional ac motor or dc motor)
GR: Gear reducer (motor driven jack with low speed, optional gear motor, worm gear reducer, helical gear reducer)
LS: Limit switches (control stroke, when full extend or full retract travel, the motor will stop )
SN: Stop nut (installed at the bottom of lifting screw, prevent lifting screw from being removed from the jack housing)
PB: Pillow block bearing (when long distance between jack and jack, which fixes connecting shaft, avoid swing)
FC: Flexible coupling (for shafts connection like connecting shaft and worm shaft)
CS: Connecting shaft (for connecting drive shafts like screw jack lift system)
BG: Miter gearbox (right angle transmit rotary motions, power or torque in screw jack lift system)
SP: Swivel plate or trunnion mounting plates (installed on jack base with swivel pins for pivoting of loads)
SM: Swivel mounting base or trunnion mounting base (matching swivel plate or trunnion mounting plates)

JTS150 Bevel Gear Jack Applications
JTS150 bevel gear jack applications in inlet louver damper, outlet louver damper, bypass poppet damper, inlet gate, intake gate, flushing gate, outlet gate, open and close flood gates, lifting rail cars, panel laminating machine, precast segmental bridge section, palette maker machine, jacking, tensioning, positioning, automotive, aerospace, food, pharmaceutical, marine, woodworking, rolling mills, steel mills, robotics, machine tools, presses, sawmill, agriculture, aluminium, food processing, metal processing, paper, plastic, printing, steel, textile, auto manufacturing, paper production, carpet shearing, power station operation, waste recycling, metal processing and metallurgy industry, mining industry, chemical industry, construction industry, irrigation industry.
bevel gear screw jack applications

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