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JTE-5T Electric Cylinders

Model: JTE-5T Electric Cylinders
Place of Origin: Made In China
Brand Name: JACTON
JTE-5T Electric Cylinders Pictures

JTE-5T Electric Cylinders Features
5T Electric Cylinders are basically 5 ton worm gear screw jacks with travel nut, but with lifting cylinder design. Available in ball screw and machine screw.
1. Maximum static load capacity 5 tons.
2. Lift screw sizes Tr 40 x 8. 
3. Highest ratio 1/6, Slowest ratio 1/24.
4. Translating, and Keyed(non rotation) configurations.
5. Positioning accuracy, Uniform lifting speed, and Self locking which supports the loads and hold position with no need to employ brake mechanism or other locking systems.
6. For manual operation of electric cylinders, choose from these cast iron hand wheels with chrome plating or aluminum alloy. For motor drive of electric cylinders, choose from these AC motor, gearmotor, Dc motor, Servo motor, Stepper motor by Flange adaptors. 
7. There are no "standard" travel lengths (each electric cylinder is built to specification).
8. End fittings includes top plate (II), clevis end (III), rod end(IV) and threaded end (I) and forked head(VI).
9. Electric cylinders can be used as either single drive units or multi lifting systems with limit switches, bevel gearboxes, electric motor, geared motor, couplings, connecting shafts, bearing blocks, and standard motor flanges etc.

JTE-5T Electric Cylinders Specifications

JTE-5T Electric Cylinders Dimensional Drawing

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