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Six Lifting Points Systems

Model: 1-ton - 150-tons
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Place of Origin: Made In China
Brand Name: JACTON
We develop a complete six lifting points systems which included miter box, shafting, couplings and shaft support bearings. The key parts to move table screw jacks simultaneously and then hold the position. Self-locking, precision positioning, full synchronization, different multiple screw jacks systems arrangements, easy installation and operation, maintenance free. Our engineers took the guesswork out of the design by laying out a lifting system and recommending the correct combination components like the miter box, shafting, and couplings etc. With professional engineering and technical service, we can provide custom screw jack table solutions in a time, turning ideas into working solutions.

Six Lifting Points Systems Configurations
* U - configuration: 6pcs worm gear screw jacks+15pcs couplings+3pcs miter gearboxes+1pc motor/reducer (electrically) or 1pc hand wheel (manually).
* H - configuration: 6pcs worm gear screw jacks+15pcs couplings+3pcs miter gearboxes+1pc motor/reducer (electrically) or 1pc hand wheel (manually).
* HH - configuration: 6pcs worm gear screw jacks+17pcs couplings+3pcs miter gearboxes+1pc motor/reducer (electrically) or 1pc hand wheel (manually).
Note: When connecting shafts length is exceed maximum distance of between supports, Pillow blocks are required.

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