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JTD25 Cubic Ball Screw Jack

Model: JTD25 Cubic Ball Screw Jack
Place of Origin: Made In China
Brand Name: JACTON
JTD25 Cubic Ball Screw Jack Pictures

JTD25 Cubic Ball Screw Jack Features
1. Maximum lifting force 20KN, rated dynamic load 17KN.
2. Ball screw diameter 32mm, lead 5mm. Gearbox sizes 130x105x82mm. Center height 41mm, center distance 45mm. Worm shaft diameter 16mm.
3. High gear ratio 1/6 (1 turn input shaft travels 0.83mm), low gear ratio 1/24 (1 turn input shaft travels 0.21mm).
4. Ball screw jack with translating ball screw, rotating ball screw with ball nut, anti-rotation keyed screw (square tube) configurations in upright or inverted mounting orientation.
5. High precision, greater efficiency, higher travel speed, higher duty cycle, lower input torque and long service life.
6. Cranked handle operated, or electric motor, geared motor, reducer driven, or both together.
7. Ball screw travel length is custom made. 
8. Ball screw ends include top plate (I), clevis end (II), plain end(III) and threaded end (IV) are available. Custom made spherical hinge, forked head.
9. Individually or multiple jtd25 cubic ball screw jacks lift system arrangements are available.
Note: ball screw without self-locking, braking motor, brake mechanism or other locking systems are required when keep the position. When a jtd25 cubic motorized ball screw jack, less power is required than an equivalent size jtc25 cubic acme screw jack.

JTD25 Cubic Ball Screw Jack Specifications

JTD25 Cubic Ball Screw Jack Dimensional Drawing

JTD25 Cubic Ball Screw Jack Ordering Information

JTD   -   25   -   UR  -   300   -   H  -   II   -   C   -   HW
   1           2          3          4          5       6       7          8

1. Jack Series
JT: "Jacton" brand screw jack
D series cubic ball screw jack

Load Capacity
25: lifting force 20kN, Before selecting JTD25, please check above JTD25 cubic ball screw jack specifications.

3. Screw Configuration & Mounting Orientation
 Upright translating screw             UK: Upright anti-rotation screw              UR: Upright rotating screw
IS: Inverted translating screw              IK: Inverted anti-rotation screw              IR: Inverted rotating screw
Note: anti-rotation screw with square tube device.

4. Stroke
300, means stroke 300mm.
Ball screw length is custom made.

5. Gear Ratio
Gear ratios include 1/6, 1/24.
H: High gear ratio 1/6, 0.83mm travel length per full turn of worm shaft.                                     
L: Low gear ratio 1/24, 0.21mm travel length per full turn of worm shaft. 

6. Lift Screw End Fittings
Standard ball screw end fittings includes top plate (I), clevis end (II), plain end(III) and threaded end (IV). Custom made spherical hinge, forked head etc. If special lifting screw end fitting needed, please send us the end fitting drawings, we will make them following the drawings.

7. Worm Shaft Input Types
single input, left shaft.
B: single input, right shaft.
C: double input shafts.
M1: double input, left shaft, right motor adapter.
M2: single input, right motor adapter.
M3: double input, right shaft, left motor adapter.
M4: single input, left motor adapter.

8. Accessories
N: No accessory
PP: Protective tube (lifting screw dust-proof and rustproof)
BB: Bellows boots (lifting screw dust-proof and rustproof)
HW: Hand wheel (hand operated)
DC: Digital counter or digital position indicator (installed on worm shaft, precision display stroke)
EM: Electric motor (motor driven)
GR: Gear reducer (motor driven with reduction gearbox)
WR: Worm gear reducer (motor driven with worm reduction gearbox)
LS: Limit switches (control stroke, when full extend or full retract travel, the motor will stop )
SN: Stop nut (installed at the bottom of lifting screw, prevent lifting screw from being removed from the jack housing)
PB: Pillow block bearing (when long distance between the supports, pillow block bearing is recommended)
FB: Flange pillow block bearing (when rotating screw jacks with long stroke or unguided, flange pillow block bearing is recommended)
FC: Flexible coupling (interconnections with drive shafts)
CS: Connecting shaft (for connecting drive shafts like screw jack lift system)
BG: Miter gearbox (right angle transmit rotary motions, power or torque in screw jack lift system)
SP: Swivel plate (installed on jack base with swivel pins for pivoting of loads)
RE: Rod end (solar tracking systems is required)

JTD25 Cubic Ball Screw Jack Applications

JTD25 Cubic Ball Screw Jack applications in spray infeed conveyor lift system, theatre stage lifting platform, solar tracker, satellite dish antenna azimuth, raising sluice gate, screw scissor lift table, synchronized lifting system, food processing oven lifts system, feeder leveler, roller adjustment, tunnel ventilation damper adjustment, postform roller elevation, car lifting trolley, extrusion machine, cnc steel leveling machine, blow molding machine, floating glass leveler, curing oven lifts, mobile container lifting gear, moveable swimming pool lifting floor, bolted tank, steel shuttering concrete beams adjustment, caterpillar laminating machine, roller Laminating machine, complete mineral wool processing machinery, sandwich panel handling machinery, vintage industrial crank desk and anywhere required raising, lowering, pulling, pushing and rolling linear motions.
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