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JAC90 Spiral Bevel gearbox in low backlash for rotary axis drives

Model: JAC090-L1,JAC090-L2,JAC090-C1,JAC090-C2
Place of Origin: Made In China
Brand Name: JACTON
High precision spiral bevel gearboxes are ideal for use in applications in precision rotary axis drives, travel gantry and columns, material handling axis drives and industrial areas in automation, aerospace, machine tool and robotics. High Precision Gearboxes are ideal for use in applications that require high dynamic and positioning motion control. The compact and rigid design ensure good performance with space and weight efficient at the same time. Lubricated for life and IP65 sealing benefit virtually maintenance-free under normal operating conditions for 20,000 hours. A wide range of motor adapter are available for installation to virtually all servo motors. 

JAC90 Spiral Bevel gearbox in low backlash for rotary axis drives Features
* Application in Precision Rotary Axis Drives, Travel Gantry and Columns, Material Handling Axis Drives, Industrial Areas in Automation, Aerospace, and Machine Tool and Robotics.
* Compact structure, integration of alloy aluminum body to ensure the maximum rigidity and corrosion resistance, and easy to assemble with multiple precision machined surface.
* High precision spiral bevel gearing and powerful stability., with optimization design, the contact tooth surface of uniform load, allowable hith torque output.
* Gear is made of high strength alloy steel carburizing, grinding precision.
* The design of multiple alloy steel output and input shaft applies to various industrial requirements.
* The simplified structure design with high torque and low backlash applies to applications of precision servo.
* Easy mount, with maintenance-free, no need to replace the grease and long service life. Flexible input mounting dimensions, and Adaptor flange solution available.

* Models: JAC090-L1, JAC090-L2, JAC090-C1, JAC090-C2. Note 1: JAC is JACTON brand. Note 2: 042 is compact gearbox size. Note 3: L1 is 1 stage and double output shaft, L2 is 2 stage and double output shaft. Note 4: C1 is 1 stage and double hollow clamping output shaft (bore), C2 is 2 stage and double hollow clamping output shaft (bore). 
* Compact and rigid design ensure performance within light and small gearbox size.
* Gear Ratios: Spiral bevel gear set of high precision grinding can achieve from 2:1 to 50:1 as standard.
* Stage: 1 stage (2:1 to 5:1), 2 stage (10:1 to 50:1).
* Rated Output Torque (N.m): From 18N.m to 60N.m. Fault Stop Torque = 2.5 Times of Rated Output Torque.
* Max. Input Speed (rpm): 3000RPM. Rated Input Speed (rpm): 1500RPM.
* Low Backlash (arcmin): 1 stage P0 ≤ 1arcmin, P1 ≤ 3arcmin. 2 stage P0 ≤ 2arcmin, P1 ≤ 5arcmin.
* Max. Radial Force (N) Of Output Shaft: 1050N. Max. Axial Force (N) Of Output Shaft: 550N. 
* Low Noise Level (dB): ≤ 58dB. 
* High Efficiency (%): 1 stage ≥97%, 2 stage ≥95%.
* Average Life Span (hr): 20000 hours.
* Lubrication: Synthetic lubrication grease.
* Direction of Rotation: Input, and Output with Same direction.
* Operation Temperature: -25℃ to +90℃.
* Protection Grade: IP65.
* Mass Moments of Inertia (kgcm2): 0.09 kgcm2.

JAC90 Spiral Bevel gearbox in low backlash for rotary axis drives Specifications

JAC090-L1 (1 stage and double output shafts) Dimensions

JAC090-L2 (2 stage and double output shafts) Dimensions

JAC090-C1 (1 stage and double hollow clamping output shaft (bore)) Dimensions

JAC090-C2 (2 stage and double hollow clamping output shaft (bore)) Dimensions

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