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Screw Jack, Ball Screw Jack, Machine Screw Jack, Worm Gear Screw Jack, Bevel Gear Screw Jack, Acme Screw Jack, Cubic Screw Jack, Miter Gearbox, Screw Jack Lift System and Lift System Accessories Manufacturer and Supplier in China. Since 2000, Jacton Industry Co.,Ltd (Value Added Tax Number 9144190007026567X3, Registered Capital 500,000CNY) started to process worm and worm gears, acme lead screws and nuts. Today, Jacton Industry Co.,Ltd follows a strict quality system, with senior engineers, experienced skilled workers and practiced sales teams, we consistently provides high precision, high quality and ideal lifting and positioning solutions with "JACTON" brand power transmission products such as Screw Jack, Miter Gearbox, Screw Jack System and Accessories, Linear Actuatorand Gear Reducer.

"JACTON" Power, Lifting, Transmission

Manufacturing Equipments

Right: Acme Screw Thread Whirling Machines                   Left: Acme Screw Straightening Machines

Right: Worm Shaft Grinding Machines Middle: CNC Worm Shaft Whirling Machines Left: Worm Shaft

Bronze Worm Gear Hobbing Machines (Before Manufacturing, In Manufacturing)

Products Ranges
1. Screw Jack (Worm Gears & Bevel Gears) with 7 Series such as JT Series, JTC Series, JTW Series, JTM Series, JTB Series, JTD Series and JTS Series. Load capacity from 2.5KN (250KG) to 1000KN (100TON)
2. Miter Gearbox (Spiral Bevel Gears) with 3 Series such as JT Series, JTP Series and JTA Series. Gear ratio 1:1, 1.5:1, 2:1, 2.5:1, 3:1, 4:1, 5:1. Max. torque up to 5713N.m.
3. Screw Jack Systems and Accessories such as 2 units, 3 units, 4 units, 6 units, 8 units Screw Jack Systems. Accessories like Jacks, Gearboxes, Couplings, Connecting Shafts, Hand Wheels, Electric Motors etc.

1. Focus on Screw Jack, Miter Gearbox, Screw Jack System and  Accessories, Linear Actuator and Gear Reducer.
2. OEM service offered, Design service offered and Buyer label offered.
3. Short delivery time, Quality assured, Inspection Reports.
4. All orders manufacturing with papers production drawings which must be approved by clients.
5. Screw Jack System offers comprehensive lifting and positioning design solutions for a wide variety of industries.
6. Provide maximum 100 ton screw jacks, maximum 160mm diameter lifting screw, maximum stroke up to 12000mm.

Quality Control
We insist on choosing brand suppliers to supply the high quality raw materials to control the producing process. For raw materials of Screw Jack, Miter Gearbox, Screw Jack System and Accessories, Linear Actuator and Gear Reducer, the suppliers must supply the raw materials quality testing reports, for example, the Screw Jack, Miter Gearbox, Linear Actuator and Gear Reducer housing with chemical analysis report, the Screw Jack, Linear Actuator and Gear Reducer bronze worm gears & travelling nut with spectral analysis report, the Screw Jack, Miter Gearbox, Linear Actuator and Gear Reducer bearings analysis report following GB/T307.3-2005 standard, the Screw Jack, Linear Actuator Lift Screws materials analysis report from the Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd certificate of quality etc. 

Optimizing constantly the production process, inspecting in each link and managing production site. After assembly, and before shipment, the QC will inspect them step by step following the order part number with special requirements, after finish, will sign quality inspection report, and paste the qualified labels on the products. During production and assembly, using kinds of inspection tools such as manually & electrically testing table, three-coordinates measuring machine, hardness testers, gear meshing testing machines, micrometers, infrared thermometers, noise meters, tape measure, vernier caliper etc.

Finished Projects
"JACTON" Screw Jack, Miter Gearbox, Screw Jack System and Accessories, Linear Actuator and Gear Reducer are widely used in kinds of industries, up to now, Finished projects and Production lines include South Africa rail wagons projects, Mexico, Brazil and United States bolted tank lifting projects, Australia and France theater stage and orchestra pit lift platform projects, Russia, Australia and United States hydro projects or power station projects, the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan airport projects, Spain and Canada solar tracking projects, Malaysia and United States satellite dish projects, United States, Netherlands, Thailand and Indonesia food industries production lines, Iran steel industries production lines, United Kingdom and Thailand continuous PU panel production lines etc.

Oversea Customers Areas
"JACTON" Screw Jack, Miter Gearbox, Screw Jack System and Accessories, Linear Actuator and Gear Reducer oversea customers distributed throughout the world, such as United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Iran, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, South Africa, Egypt, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Greece, France, Austria, Italy, Russia, Netherland, Danmark, Belgium, Croatia, Ukraine etc.

Company Profile: Jacton Industry Co.,Ltd.
Add: Building C, No.3078, Garden Road, Xin An Community, Chang An, Dongguan 523880, Guangdong, China
P.C.: 523880
Contact Person: Warren Lee
Tel: 86-769-81585810
Fax: 86-769-81585852
Email: sales@screw-jack.com
Website: http://www.screw-jack.com
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Jacton Industry Co.,Ltd.
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T: 86-769-81585810
F: 86-769-81585852
E: sales@screw-jack.com
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Building C, No.3078, Garden Road, Xin An Community, Chang An, Dongguan 523880, Guangdong, China    Phone: 86-769-81585810 | Fax: 86-769-81585852
China Screw Jack,Ball Screw Jack,Machine Screw Jack,Worm Gear Screw Jack,Bevel Gear Screw Jack,Miter Gearbox,Screw Jack Lift System Manufacturer