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Digital Position Indicator

Model: JT04,JT09,JT10 digitalpositionindicator
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Place of Origin: Made In China
Brand Name: JACTON
Digital position indicator, also called mechanical digital counter, is used for precision position display, which is installed on drive shaft to measure the rotations of the drive shaft and display corresponding position in the digital position window. The display value per drive shaft revolution is variable and is achieved through a series of gear reductions configured to accommodate different screw jack ratios, screw pitch and travel length. Up to now, most of digital position indicators matching manual operation screw jacks.

Digital Position Indicator Pictures

JT04 Series Digital Position Indicator Drawings And Axial Pitch

JT09 Series Digital Position Indicator Drawings And Axial Pitch

JT10 Series Digital Position Indicator Drawings And Axial Pitch

Digital Position Indicator Ordering Information

JT09  -  14  -  1.0  -  C  -  20  -  S  -  A
    1          2        3       4       5      6      7

1. Series
JT04 Series
JT09 Series
JT10 Series

2. Installation Type (check above picture)

3. Axial Pitch
Check above JT04, JT09, JT10 series axial pitch

4. Calculation Directions
C: clockwise direction increase
E: counterclockwise direction increase

5. Hollow Shaft Diameter
20: 20 mm diameter (JT09 series)
14: 14 mm diameter (JT04 series / JT09 series)
25/30: 25 mm or 30 mm diameter (JT10 series)
Customized hollow shaft diameter

6. Housing Colour
S: black colour
O: orange colour

7. Types
A: standard type
B: thicken type
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