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Helical Gear Motor

Model: GRH/GRV helicalgearmotor
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Place of Origin: Made In China
Brand Name: JACTON

When motorized worm gear screw jacks or screw jack lift system required low travel speed, but screw jacks is can not be reached with 4pole or 6pole 3-phase motor, under this conditions, it will be need 3-phase motor combined with gear reducer. JACTON uses high efficiency and high torque helical gear motor for motorized worm gear screw jacks or screw jack lift system such as sluice gate hoisting systems, stage lifting tables etc. Helical gear motor is split into horizontal type foot-mounted gear reducer and vertical type flange-mounted gear reducer. Below charts are only show ≤ 3.75kw power helical gear motor. Larger than 3.75kw power helical gear motor, please consult JACTON.
Helical gear motor features such as helical gears are made of high-quality alloy steel, are treated with surface hardening and gear ground, Full set ≤ 3.75kw power helical gear motor are small in volume, with great load-carrying capacity, steady running, low noise and high efficiency.

Helical Gear Motor Ordering Information
GRH  -  22  -  400  -  5   - S  -  B
   1          2         3       4      5     6

1. Mounting Types
* GRH: Horizontal type, foot-mounted.
* GRV: Vertical type, flange-mounted.
2. Output Shafts Diameter (mm)
* 22: Output shafts diameter 22mm.
* Check below charts with output shafts diameter.
3. Power (w)
* 400: 400w
* Following load capacity, travel speed and service conditions to calculate the power.
4. Reduction ratio
* 5: Reduction ratio 5:1, example 4 pole motor 1500rpm with 5:1 ratio, output speed 300rpm.
* Check below charts to select gear reduction ratios.
* Note: If you can not find the helical gear motor required ratios and dimension with below charts, please consult JACTON.
5. Service Voltage
* S: Single phase, only for 220V, max. 0.75kw.
* T: 3-phases, 380V, available for all power.
* V: 3-phases, available oversea countries voltage, available for all power.
Note: For V, service 3-phases voltage must be marked in your order documents, otherwises, will use 3-phases 380V as the standard.
6. B: Brake
* When vibrating load is exact existence, for all screw jacks or lift system, additional brake is necessory.
* For all jtb seriesl ball screw jack or lift system, additional brake is necessory.
* Without brake, no need mark.

Helical Gear Motor Specifications

Helical Gear Motor Horizontal Type - Foot Mounted Dimensions

Helical Gear Motor Vertical Type - Flange Mounted Dimensions

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