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Lift System Applications
Lift System Applications include Theatrical solutions stage and orchestra platform lifts projects. Hydroelectric power station projects and water conservancy projects. Aircraft maintenance platforms and docking systems projects. Solar panel tracking system projects. Bolted steel storage tanks and silos lifting solutions. Dish antenna elevation and azimuth positioning projects. Railway wagon projects. Beverage can production lines. Steel factories production lines. Continuous PU sandwich panel production lines.

Heavy duty lifting platform

When faced with the need to lift, lower, push or pull a load—especially a heavy load—and hold it in the correct position, a screw jack or multiple jack system may provide the best linear motion solution when considering its performance cost ratio.

Low travel high load precision lift table

Heavy duty screw jacks lift table for high loads and duty.Many screw jacks are used in the main parts of the pipe molding machine to mold pipes from sheet metal. The upper and lower parts of the machine have 4 units connected to 1 motor, the left and right parts have 2 units connected to 1 motor, where connecting shafts and gear boxes are used for

Electric screw jacks lifting system light weight

The jacks are designed to give linear movement for either light or heavy duty applications: for lifting, lowering, pulling or pushing to the full rated jack capacity. These versatile units can be used singly, in series or in multiple jacking arrangements.

Traveling nuts rotating screw type screw jacks lifting work platform

Screw Jack System Accessories: A complete line of motors, motor adaptors, limit switches, worm gear reducers, mitre gear boxes, couplers, shafting, screw end adapters, pillow blocks, electrical controls and boots. We can provide the accessories you need to compliment your screw jack system and to ensure the efficient operation, extended life and

Manual vertical screw jacks for light duty tables

We offers all of the components necessary to complete your power transmission system, whether it consists of a single jack or a multiple system jack arrangement. Our engineers can specify shafts, couplings, pillow blocks, and right-angle miter gearboxes to accommodate any layout, also the suggestions for the most economical and reliable method to

Crank up lift mechanism for table

When you hand wheel operated a screw jack, you can use a hand wheel or a hand crack with handle. Black alu. hand crank or Cast iron hand wheel are available for customers' choice.

Mechanical linkage hand crank jacks for adjustable tables

The worm gear based mechanical screw jack is one of the most economical and efficient mechanism for lifting and lowering loads as well as push-pull applications. It can be used as a single unit or in multiple combination with manual or motorized drive.

Synchronous screw jack lift system

We can supply precise, reliably worm gear screw jack systems configured jacking drive units, connecting shafts, mitre gear boxes, motors, etc. that conform both to current industrial-machine legislation and standards and to your exact function requirements. The jacking systems and components are all duly certified.

High lift screw jacks lifting system

Multi-spindle drive screw jack units with mechanical synchronization are driven by a single motor, which makes them impervious to unequal load distribution and its negative effects on the synchronization of the lifting elements.

Synchronize two screw jacks

The roof has two individually motorised screw jack systems, synchronised electronically. Screw jacks and bevel boxes are often found working independently of each other in a variety of industrial automation applications. They are also commonly incorporated together in lifting systems involving two or more screw jacks. Multiple jacks can operate in

Train carriages mobile lifting jack

Train carriages mobile lifting jack. Lifting jacks for railway vehicles. Rail vehicle mobile railcar lifting jacks from 2.5t to 50t. Stationary under-floor train lifting systems. Lifting and turning devices. Bogie lifting systems. Bogie tables. Customised lifts for railway vehicles. Bogie and wheelset turntables and Mobile Manipulators.

Heavy duty manual screw jacks 50 tons

The screw jack is a device for lifting heavy loads by applying comparatively small at its handle. If the free shaft end of the motor is used as shaft for a slip-on emergency hand wheel, a device will be required that interrupts the power supply before the crank engages.

Sluice gate screw jacks

Sluice gate screw jacks are widely used for hydroelectric power station projects and water conservancy projects. The customers are from Vietnam, Australia, Malaysia, Russian Federation, Nepal, Pakistan, Belgium, United States and United Kingdom.

Solar tracking screw jacks position pv cpv systems

Solar tracking screw jacks position pv cpv systems. Customers are from Spain, India and Canada. Solar tracking screw jacks have highly rugged and withstand wind force and weather, function reliably, maintenance free for many years, safety self locking and accurate positioning tracking movement.

Inverted screw jacks thickness adjustable in feeding line

Inverted screw jacks thickness adjustable in feeding line. The customers are from United States, Italy, Spain, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore countries.

Anti-rotation keyed screw jack with handwheel

Anti-rotation keyed screw jack with handwheel for spider mould installation. The customers are from Switzerland, Bulgaria, Denmark, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Italy countries.

Lifting travel nut screw jack system

Lifting travel nut screw jack system is used to replace the used hydraulic cylinders. The customers are from Netherlands, Belgium countries.

Upright screw jacks heavy rotors adjustment

Upright screw jacks heavy rotors adjustment. The customers are from France, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Netherlands countries, they use 5 ton and 20 ton upright screw jacks.

Screw jack height adjustment for multiblade cutting machine

Screw jack height adjustment for multiblade cutting machine. The customers are from Sweden, Malaysia, South Africa countries, they used 2.5 ton travelling nut screw jacks.

Elevation and azimuth screw jack

Elevation and azimuth screw jack. The customers are from Singapore, Malaysia and United States. They used 10 ton, 15 ton, 20 ton, 25 ton, 35 ton, 50 ton screw jacks for elevation and azimuth positioning solutions in communications industry.
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