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Inline Linear Actuators
Inline Linear Actuators are used to replace the traditional pneumatic cylinders or hydraulic cylinder. The acme lead screw converts rotary motion to linear movement. As the screw rotates, the nut extends and retracts the ram, which is attached to the load. Mainly application in coiling machines, decoiling machines, continuous operation process lines, tundish cars, scissor lifts, lifting platforms, robotics, continuous paint pumps, medical beds, gates, dampers, oven and processing tank doors, antennas, and agricultural equipment.

10KG In-line Mini Electric Linear Actuators with Brake Motor

An electric linear actuator consists of a motor, a gear and a spindle including a nut. A special version of the linear actuator is the built-in actuator meant for integration in a customer guidance or linear column. A complete actuator system solution includes one or more linear actuators, a control box and a control device to operate the actuator

25KG In-line Electric Linear Actuator Push Rod

Electric linear actuators are the perfect solution when you need simple, safe and clean movement with accurate and smooth motion control. You may choose actuator systems for adjustments, tilting, pushing, pulling and lifting with thrusts up to 25 tons. Actuators can be integrated into sophisticated control systems using data bus communication.

63KG In-line 700mm Stroke Electric Motor Linear Actuator

Linear actuators can be supplied with limit switches. The type of limit switches available varies with each product range, these include electro-mechanical, magnetic proximity and rotary cam. Limit switches (if fitted) are normally pre-set on actuators.Limit switches allow you the flexibility to set the limits of travel on your actuator to fit you

90KG In-line High Speed Motor Drive Electric Linear Actuator

Linear actuators move things. Some examples of practical automation applications are: sand, salt, and fertilizer spreader chutes; throttle control, marine engine hatch, slide out steps, hoppers, hidden doors, solar panels, sliding doors, sliding window treatments, farming implementations and animatronics. Industrial applications include, damper

100KG In-line Fast Speed Electric Linear Motor Linear Actuator

The linear actuators generally have a mounting option at the end of the ram and at the gearbox end of the actuator to allow a pivoting movement. There are a number of options, double clevis as standard, or clevis to trunnion. However all have multiple mounting options including clevis, trunnion, fork, top plate, base plate and threaded rod end.

300KG Inline Industrial Electromechanical Linear Actuator

Hydraulic vs. Electric Linear Actuator: Which is Best?
Electric linear actuators: Unlike the hydraulic variant, these linear actuators are powered exclusively by motors. The motor powers the lead screw, which is fitted with a nut that runs up and down the thread. This converts the rotary motion into linear movement.

500KG In-Line Electric Linear Actuator

Electric heavy-duty linear actuators are for tough, industrial automation applications. Their products are used in a wide variety of industry applications where conservative design, rugged construction, long life, and high precision are required and valued. More specifically as replacement for older fluid power solutions like hydraulic and pneumat

700KG Inline Heavy Electro Mechanical Actuators

Electromechanical Linear Actuator Designs: Most electromechanical designs incorporate a lead screw and lead nut, while some use a ball screw and ball nut. In either case, the screw may be connected to a motor or manual control knob either directly or through a series of gears. Gears are typically used to allow a smaller, weaker motor, rotating at

1000KG In-line Heavy Duty AC Volt Industrial Linear Actuators

Mechanical linear actuators typically operate by the conversion of rotary motion into linear motion (motion in a straight line). Mechanical linear actuators convert rotary motion of a control knob or handle into linear displacement using screws and/or gears to which the knob or handle is attached. A jackscrew or car jack is a familiar mechanical
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