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Technical Help
Screw Jack Operation Manual
General Instruction and Specifications
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Miter Gearbox Operation Manual
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Trouble Shooting
Screw Jack Frequently Asked Questions
What Is Axially Translating Screw Jack?
What Is Anti-rotation Keyed Screw Jack?
What Is Travelling Nut Rotating Screw Jack?
What Is The Difference Between An Acme Screw Jack And A Ball Screw Jack?
Why Use An Acme Screw Jack And A Ball Screw Jack?
Screw Jack Calculation Formulas
Calculation Of Permissible Buckling Load
Calculation Of Worm Gear Ratio
Calculation Of Required Power
Calculation Of Required Torque
Calculation Of Total Equivalent Load Ws (N)
Screw Jack Technical Notes
The recommended maximum speed is 1800 rpm
Starting Torque is 100% greater than torque shown in speciations table.
Maximum allowable horsepower ratings are based on a 25% duty cycle.
Overload capacity of the jack is as follows: 10% for dynamic loads, 30% for static loads
Catalog dimensions are representative only and are subject to change without notice
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