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Custom Made Screw Jack

Manufacture and sales standard screw jack, also Customized mechanical jacks can be made to your specifications. Most of custom design screw jacks are replaced or equivalent to made in USA, UK, German, Austria, Italy, Japan, Korea and Taiwan manufacturers worm gear screw jacks.

Double Clevis Screw Jack

Double Clevis Screw Jack incorporates a special clevis end bottom pipe and a standard clevis end on the lifting screw. Double-clevis jacks have less load capacity than the other common mounting configurations. This tends to weaken it as a column by creating eccentric loads on the screw.

MA350 ACME screw jacks cylinder

350 KN 35 TONNES Acme Screw Jacks, MA350 model, screw shaft Tr 100 x 16, mounting holes 330x230 mm, center height 140 mm, center distance 125mm. Stroke 800 mm. Push rod diameter 150 mm, Strong outer tube diameter 200 mm, attached limit switches, Brake motor 11KW, IEC160B5 motor flange.

MA10 traveling nut screw jack

MA10 traveling nut screw jack, 10 kN, 2-starts acme screw Tr 22x10, mounting holes 110x80 mm, center height 50 mm, center distance 40mm. Stroke 400 mm. Gear ratio 18:1.

MA200 Ball Screw Jack

MA200 Ball Screw Jack, 200 kN, ball screw shaft 80x20, mounting holes 270x175 mm, center height 115 mm, center distance 100mm. Stroke 220 mm. Attached limit switches, rod end, and brake motor 5.5 KW, IEC132B5 motor flange.

New Screw Jack Design 5-ton Capacity

New Screw Jack Design 5-ton Capacity, pivot mounts, protective cap, motor flange, three-phase AC motor, rod end, bellows. Design and fabrication of motorized screw jack for new market demands in Europe and America. Newly developed European styles screw jack with anti-rotation mechanism by quare protective tube.

Buy Hollow Shaft Screw Jack From Canada Customer

1.hollow shaft screw jack
2.braking motor
3.safety coupling
4.rigid coupling
5.two way gearbox
6.from canada customer

Stainless Steel Electric Cylinders

Stainless Steel Electric Cylinders Features: for example, Low Maintenance actuator solution. Parallel Motor mounts with additional gear reducers, and Direct Motor mounts increase travel speeds for faster output. Replace hydraulic actuators with this clean alternative. A quieter solution than pneumatic actuators.

USA customer table base screw jacks

1.table base screw jacks
2.USA customer table base
3.screw lift mechanisms
4.industrial table base
5.2.5 ton screw jacks
6.lengthened worm shaft

US customer screw jacks with locking collar

1.0.5 ton screw jack
2.US customer
3.shaft locking collar
4.inverted screw jacks
5.custom made lift screw
6.anti-rotate mechanism

Sales custom taiwan screw jack for Poland customer

1.custom taiwan screw jack
2.for Poland customer
3.10 ton screw jacks
4.synchronous lifting
5.worm gear motor
6.longer worm shafts

Custom USA 1 ton machine screw jack

1.1 ton machine screw jack
2.equivalent USA screw jack
3.lifting screw Tr 20x5
4.gear ratio 1/5, 1/20
5.two mounting holes
6.manually, electrically

USA customer worm screw jack limit switch

1.screw jack limit switch
2.USA worm screw jack
3.jacks lifting system
4.JTC25 screw jacks
5.rectangle top plate
6.protective tube groove

Custom Italy SJ 50 kN screw jack

1.Italy SJ 50 kN screw jack
2.equivalent it screw jacks
3.lifting screw Tr 40x7
4.ratios 1/7, 1/14, 1/28
5.13mm diam. through holes
6.manually, electrically

America customer 2 ton mechanical screw jack actuator

America customer 2 ton mechanical screw jack actuator is from Jacton Industry. custom made 178mm length worm shaft, custom made 14mm diameter worm shaft (standard 16mm diam.), custom made mounting holes diameter 12mm (standard 11mm diam.), custom made housing mounting holes 133x80mm (standard 132x80mm), bolt-on stop plate as stop nut.

Malaysia high temperature screw jacks

Malaysia high temperature screw jacks. They use our 5 ton screw jacks for their glass processing production lines, special working conditions for these screw jacks, for example, the super high temperature is up to 250 degree C. So the 5 ton screw jacks internal grease and seals are must be special for suitable this working conditions.

Singapore 2.5 tons capacity screw jacks

Singapore 2.5 tons capacity screw jacks. Jacton produces and sales best custom made 2.5 tons capacity machine screw jacks that is equivalent to US 2.5-MSJ 2.5 ton screw jacks. Custom made double input shafts, original length 36mm from input shaft cover to shaft end, new length with 29mm.

India customer 20 ton screw jack bolt-on stop plate

India customer 20 ton screw jack bolt-on stop plate. India customer imports complete heavy duty screw jack systems such as 3pcs 20 ton screw jacks with left shaft, 3pcs 20 ton screw jacks with right shaft, 12pcs big universal joints, 5pcs big couplings, 3pcs short drive shafts, 5pcs long drive shafts, 2pcs heavy duty 1:1 gearbox with 1-LR code..

Compact acme screw jacks with fork end

1.load capacity 10 ton
2.lift screw dia. 55mm
3.lift screw pitch 9mm
4.gear ratio 14:1
5.self-locking acme screw
6.custom made fork end

America customer 5 tons machine screw mechanical actuator

America customer 5 tons machine screw mechanical actuator is from Jacton Industry. The USA customer who import 5 ton mechanical actuator to replace used USA brand 5 ton actuators. Inverted mount, keyed screw, 24:1 ratio, 465mm stroke, threaded end M24*3, custom made 18mm diameter worm shaft (standard 20mm diam.)

Safety Nut on a Rotating Screw Jack

A safety nut on a screw jack is an auxiliary nut, which follows the "lifting nut" on a rotating screw jack. In normal conditions the safety nut does not support any load. The failure of the threads of the worm gear will cause the load to be transferred to the safety nut preventing the load from falling.
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