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R Helical Geared Motor

Model: R37 - R167
Place of Origin: Made In China
Brand Name: JACTON
R Helical Geared Motor is developed and produced according to our country's reality and we also bring into overseas' advanced design. Has good structure, better currency, high reliability, low temperature rise, big carrying capacity, good combination capability. Worm gear screw jacks with R Helical Geared Motor can get lower rotate speed and bigger torque to drive.

R Helical Geared Motor Models:
1. R17, R27, R37, R47, R57, R67, R77, R87, R97, R107, R137, R147, R167.    
2. RF17, RF27, RF37, RF47, RF57, RF67, RF77, RF87, RF97, RF107, RF137, RF147, RF167.     
3. RX37, RX57, RX67, RX77, RX87, RX97, RX107, RX127, RX157.     
4. RXF37, RXF57, RXF67, RXF77, RXF87, RXF97, RXF107, RXF127, RXF157.
* R: Foot-mounted helical geared motor with solid shaft.
* RF: Flange-mounted helical geared motor with solid shaft.
* RX: Foot-mounted single-stage helical geared motor with solid shaft.
* RF: Flange-mounted single-stage helical geared motor with solid shaft.

R Helical Geared Motor Features:
1. Torque Range: Up to 18,000Nm
2. Input Power Rating: 0.18kW to 160kW
3. Ratio: 1.6 to 9000
4. Input Configuration: IEC motor adapter, solid shaft.
5. Output Configuration: solid with key, hollow shaft
6. Mounting solution: flange mounted, foot mounted
7. Carburized and grinded teeth, high load capability, can be added up with other reducers to realize low-speed transmission
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