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Parallel Linear Actuators
Parallel Linear Actuators offer forces up to 25-tons, perfect for pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder replacement in challenging environments. Mainly application in coiling machines, decoiling machines, continuous operation process lines, tundish cars, scissor lifts, lifting platforms, robotics, continuous paint pumps, medical beds, gates, dampers, oven and processing tank doors, antennas, and agricultural equipment.

100KG Parallel Electromechanical Linear Actuators

What is a Linear Actuator? An Electric Linear Actuator is a device that pushes or pulls something in a linear direction or straight line. The rotational motion in its electric motors powered by electrical energy is what causes this motion.

250KG Parallel Electro Mechanical Linear Actuators

Hydraulic Linear Actuators use a variety of liquids as their source of energy, and Pneumatic Linear Actuators operate using compressed air. Electric Linear Actuators are the preferred option when precise smooth movement is needed and are much easier to install and program to fit your project.

500KG Parallel Mount Rod Style Linear Actuators

Classic vs Premium Actuator: Choosing the right Linear Actuator is not easy when there are so many to choose from, especially as there are so many variations to our high-quality Electric Linear Actuators, such as stroke length, voltages, speed, and force.

630KG Parallel Mount Electric Cylinder Linear Actuators

Linear Actuators are a device that requires an energy source input and an external signal input. These inputs an output usually in the form of motion that can be either rotary or linear. An Electric Linear Actuator is a device that converts the rotational motion of an AC or DC motor into linear motion.

1000KG Parallel Mount Industrial Linear Actuators Acme Screw

Linear actuators are a type of actuator that convert rotational motion in motors into linear or straight push/pull movement. Linear actuators are ideal for all types of applications where tilting, lifting, pulling or pushing with pounds of force are required. Electric linear actuators are often the preferred solution when you need simple, safe

1600KG Parallel Electro-mechanical Actuators Heavy Duty

A linear actuator is a device or machine that converts rotational motion into linear motion and linear movement (in a straight line). This can be done through electric AC and DC motors, or the movement can be powered by hydraulics and pneumatics. Electric linear actuators are a preferred option when precise and clean movement is needed.

2500KG Parallel Mount Electric Cylinders Actuator

Quality heavy duty industrial actuators for high-force applications. Our heavy duty 380V AC linear actuators have an 12-Month Warranty. Heavy duty electric rod actuator ideal for applications requiring high force performance in tough environments.

4000KG Heavy Duty Electric Linear Actuators Parallel Mount

Linear Actuators - Rod Style: Acme or ball screw drive available with motor, drive, controller, and power supply. Configure a complete Electric Linear Actuators system with AC or DC motors and a wide variety of options such as limit switches, gearboxes, and sensors. Configurations include parallel or inline with motor mounts and single or double ge

6300KG Parallel Motor Drive Electric Actuator Linear Actuator

Industrial electrical linear actuator systems are rugged enough to withstand a wide range of temperatures and environmental conditions. They can also meet the demands of high force and high-speed requirements. Because we can offer you both a cost-efficient alternative to hydraulics and pneumatics,as well as timely customer service to help complete

8000KG Parallel Electric Motor-Drive Linear Actuator

Industrial Electric Linear Actuators With AC Motor: The electric linear actuator is a real power pack.As usual a critical installation space and lowest possible price are the basic constants of our design.The electric actuator is a reciprocating actuator driven by a motor. It is suitable for all linear motion which needs reciprocating and pushing.

10000KG Parallel Mount Motorized Electric Linear Actuator

Industrial Heavy Duty Motor Drives Linear Actuator: An integrated compact combination of ordinary tooth screw/ball screw/planetary ball screw, reducer and motor. Linear actuators are a type of actuator that convert rotational motion in motors into linear or straight push/pull movements. Linear actuators are ideal for all types of applications

15000KG Parallel Industrial Motor Linear Actuator

Electric linear actuators are delivering efficient, long-life and value-driven solutions to countless applications. Linear actuator is an electric device that converts the rotary motion of the motor into a linear reciprocating motion, enabling remote control and centralized control. Electric linear actuators are the perfect solution when you need

20000KG Parallel Industrial Motor Drive Linear Actuator

Electric linear actuators for heavy-duty applications even in the most extreme conditions. These electric linear actuators are used in applications such as opening, closing, tilting, pivoting, lifting, lowering and positioning. The primary markets include manufacturing, packaging, transportation, marine engineering, electrical and electronics,

25000KG Parallel Electric Motor Linear Electric Actuator

Electric cylinder linear actuators are designed for high-capacity motion control applications. With lifting/lowering capacities from 2 to 25 tons. Designed for easy installation and minimal maintenance requirements. Long working life. Ball screw or acme screw designs. Ductile iron housing; chrome plated steel translating tube. Adjustable end-of
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