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Lift System Accessories
Synchronization of several worm gear screw jacks is simple with the complete range of accessories. Lift System Accessories:
* Motorized driven (AC or DC) by asynchronous motors (normal, YEJ brake, YVP variable frequency, B explosion proof, D multi-speed), stepper motors, servo motors with encoders and controllers. IEC motor flange or NEMA C-Face motor adapter for connect with motors. Frequency inverters. 
* Manually operated by Aluminum handwheels, or Cast iron handwheels.    
* Connection Devices: Couplings. Universal joints. Telescopic universal joints. Connecting shafts.  
* Screw Protective Devices: Bellows boot. Telescopic spring covers. Protective tubes. 
* Safety Devices: Limit switches. Proximity switches. Safety nuts. Anti-backlash nut. Overload safety couplings. Stop nuts. Position Encoders. Overload clutch. Brake motor. Linear braking elements. Wear detection/monitors. Linear guides and rails. Potentiometer. Pressure sensor. 
* Others Accessories: Travel nuts. Position indicators. Trunnion adapter plates. Trunnion mounting brackets. Pillow blocks. Flange blocks. Rod end bearings.

Flexible Jaw Coupling

Screw jacks are used alone or in multiple screw jack lift system arrangements that require flexible jaw couplings to transmit power to the input shaft. We provides flexible jaw couplings for use with screw jacks.

Overload Safety Couplings

Overload safety couplings are used to reduce electric screw jack and motorized screw lifting system damage, repairs and downtime by acting as torque limiters and overload protection. In the event of excessive torque the safety function disengages and the motor gets separated from the motorized screw jack drive system.

Aluminum Couplings

Aluminum Couplings provide the shaft to shaft connection between the driver and the driven components in screw jack lift system such as bevel gear boxes and screw jack gearboxes while at the same time transferring torque.

Telescopic Universal Joint

Telescopic Universal Joint is a mechanical device that allows two shafts not in line (offset) with each other limited freedom of movement in any direction whilst transmitting rotary motion and torque. It is an ideal form of coupling each two shafts by the telescopic universal joints when offset is unavoidable in simultaneously lifting systems.

Rigid Shaft Couplings

Rigid Shaft Couplings are suitable for applications where alignment is critical and backlash prevention is desired in high precision screw jacks or screw lifting systems. The couplings wrap around hard or soft shafts without marring. They also feature vibration-resistant screws. Use where flexibility is not desired.

Universal Joint

It is an ideal form of coupling each two shafts by universal joints when offset is unavoidable in simultaneously lifting twin screw jack systems or multiple screw jack systems.

Cast Iron Hand Wheel

A cast iron hand wheel is a convenient solution for manual operation screw jack or lightweight screw jack lift systems. They are mounted directly to the jack input shafts(worm). Can be adapted for use on self locking screw jacks from 250kg up to the 20 ton load capacity model.

Connecting Shafts

Jacton connecting shafts is used to interconnect the input shafts of worm gear screw jacks that are used in a multiple screw jack lift system arrangement. The connecting shafts transfer the torque from the motor to the screw jack or from screw jack to screw jack.

Aluminum Handwheel

Aluminum Handwheel is a convenient solution for hand wheel manual screw jack or light load screw jack system. Aluminum Handwheel with folding handle directly coupled with screw jack worm shaft, only suitable self lock screw jack with load capacities 0.25 ton, 0.5 ton, 1 ton, 2 ton, 2.5 ton, 5 ton.

YVF2 Series Variable Speed AC Motor

YVF2 series variable speed ac motors are fitted with ventilation fan which provide better cooling effect to ensure motors running at various speed YVF2 series motors are suitable for transmissions by which speedregulation is needed, are widely used in Electric Worm Gear Screw Jacks or Lift Systems.

Three Phase Electric Motor

Three phase electric motor mounts allow direct coupling to the motor shaft on either the right or the left side of the screw jacks input shafts. These assemblies are available for all screw jacks sizes.

Brake motors

Brake motors are recommended for double lead worm gear jacks, ball screw jacks and actuators. Specify if brake motor is required for machine screw actuators. Brake motor is also used for stopping and precise positioning in electric-motorized screw jacks or lifting systems.

Screw Jack Motor Flange

Screw Jack Motor Flanges include IEC Motor Flanges and NEMA C-Face Motor Adapters. Available in single phase or three phase electric motors, stepper motors and servo motors. Choose the IEC Motor Flanges that is compatible with JACTON screw jack and your direct-drive motor.

Single Phase Induction Motors

Some customers want to import our electric screw jack for personal use like small factories, or laboratory use, or university use, they have not three phase voltage there, so will required worm gear screw jacks couples with the single phase induction motors. The voltage includes 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V etc, with 50Hz, or 60Hz.

K Helical Bevel Geared Motor

Worm gear screw jacks with K Helical Bevel Geared Motor can get lower rotate speed and bigger torque to drive. K Bevel Helical Geared Motor Features:
1. Torque Range: Up to 60000Nm
2. Input Power Rating: 0.18kW to 200kW
3. Ratio: 5.36 to 16000
4. Input Configuration: IEC motor adapter, solid shaft.
5. Output Configuration: solid with key, holl

R Helical Geared Motor

Worm gear screw jacks with R Helical Geared Motor can get lower rotate speed and bigger torque to drive. 1. Torque Range:Up to 18,000Nm
2. Input Power Rating0.18kW to 160kW
3. Ratio1.6 to 9000
4. Input Configuration: IEC motor adapter, solid shaft.
5. Output Configuration: solid with key, hollow shaft
6. Mounting solution: flange mounted, foot

Worm Gear Reducer

Worm Gear Reducer Features:
1. NMRV025, NMRV030, NMRV040, NMRV050, NMRV063, NMRV075, NMRV090, NMRV110, NMRV130, NMRV150.
2. Reduction ratios: 1/7.5, 1/10, 1/15, 1/20, 1/25, 1/30, 1/40, 1/50, 1/60, 1/80, 1/100.
3. Power: 0.06kw, 0.09kw, 0.12kw, 0.18kw, 0.25kw, 0.37kw, 0.55kw, 0.75kw, 1.1kw, 1.5kw, 2.2kw, 3kw, 4kw, 5.5kw, 7.5kw, 11kw, 15kw.
4. Ou

12V 24V DC Geared Motor

Some customers have not AC voltage at their working space, must need the dc electric battery as power supply, for example, solar tracking system with dc geared motor screw jacks.

Proximity Switches

Proximity switches can be called proximity limit switches, proximity sensor switches or inductive proximity stroke end switches. Proximity switches are available for worm gear screw jack with translating screw only.

Limit Switches

Every motorized worm gear screw jacks must be controlled so that power to the motor is turned off and the brake engaged before the limits of mechanical travel are reached. JACTON limit switches senses extension shaft rotation and provides switch contact closures that can be used to control motors. JACTON limit switches is electromechanical device,
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