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  • Crank Handle Traveling Nut Screw Jacks with Digital Indicators

  • Hand Operated Screw Jack

  • Electric Screw Jack

  • hand crank table lift mechanism

  • Micro Screw Jack

  • miniature bevel gearbox

  • mini right angle gearbox

  • Manual Screw Jack

  • Motorised Screw Jack

  • Stainless Steel Screw Jack

  • Anti Backlash Machine Screw Jacks

  • small 90 degree gearbox

Screw Jack Series

JT Acme Screw Jack

JT acme screw jack, also called worm gear acme screw jack, which has 12 models: 0.5ton acme screw jack, 1ton acme screw jack, 2ton acme screw jack, 3ton acme screw jack, 5ton acme screw jack, 10ton acme screw jack, 15ton acme screw jack, 20ton acme screw jack, 30ton acme screw jack, 40ton acme screw jack, 50ton acme screw jack, 100ton acme screw jack.

JTC Cubic Screw Jack

JTC cubic screw jack, also called worm gear cubic body screw jack, which has 11 models: 2.5kN cubic screw jack, 5kN cubic screw jack, 10kN cubic screw jack, 25kN cubic screw jack, 50kN cubic screw jack, 100kN cubic screw jack, 150kN cubic screw jack, 200kN cubic screw jack, 250kN cubic screw jack, 350kN cubic screw jack, 500kN cubic screw jack.

JTW Worm Screw Jack

JTM worm screw jack, also called worm gear drives screw jack, which has 11 models: 5kN worm screw jack, 10kN worm screw jack, 25kN worm screw jack, 50kN worm screw jack, 100kN worm screw jack, 150kN worm screw jack, 200kN worm screw jack, 300kN worm screw jack, 500kN worm screw jack, 750kN worm screw jack, 1000kN worm screw jack.

JTM Machine Screw Jack

JTW machine screw jack, also called worm gear drive machine screw jack, which has 10 models: 1ton machine screw jack, 2.5ton machine screw jack, 5ton machine screw jack, 10ton machine screw jack, 15ton machine screw jack, 20ton machine screw jack, 25ton machine screw jack, 35ton machine screw jack, 50ton machine screw jack, 100ton machine screw jack.

JTB Ball Screw Jack

JTB ball screw jack, also called worm gear ball screw jack, which has 8 models: 1 ton ball screw jack, 2.5 ton ball screw jack, 5 ton ball screw jack, 10 ton ball screw jack, 15 ton ball screw jack, 20 ton ball screw jack, 25 ton ball screw jack, 35 ton ball screw jack.

JTS Bevel Gear Jack

JTS bevel gear jack, also called high speed bevel gear screw jack, which has 8 models: 25kN bevel gear jack, 50kN bevel gear jack, 100kN bevel gear jack, 150kN bevel gear jack, 200kN bevel gear jack, 250kN bevel gear jack, 350kN bevel gear jack, 500kN bevel gear jack.

JTS Bevel Gear Jack

JTD cubic ball screw jack has 9 models: JTD5 cubic ball screw jack, JTD10 cubic ball screw jack, JTD25 cubic ball screw jack, JTD26 cubic ball screw jack, JTD27 cubic ball screw jack, JTD50 cubic ball screw jack, JTD51 cubic ball screw jack, JTD100 cubic ball screw jack, JTD101 cubic ball screw jack

Screw Jack System

Screw jack system, also called synchronous screw jack lift system, synchronized lifting system, which accessories cover screw jacks, miter gearboxes, flexible jaw couplings, pillow block bearing, helical gear motor, electric motor, hand wheel/hand crank.
About Us

Jacton Industry Co.,Ltd (VAT No. 9144190007026567X3, registered Capital 500,000CNY), Alibaba Vertified Manufacturer. We have more than 12 years experience, only focus on sales and manufacturing screw jack lifting and positioning systems which include best screw jack, miter gearbox, screw jack lift system and system accessories in China. We have a strict quality system, with senior engineers, experienced skilled workers and practiced sales teams, we consistently provide the best quality power transmission products and the ideal lifting and positioning systems solutions.

1. More than 12 years experience, only focus on sales and manufacturing screw jack lifting and positioning systems which include best screw jack, miter gearbox, screw jack lift system and system accessories.
2. Custom design available, OEM service available, Free engineering advice, Free quotes available and Customer label available.
3. Export percentage: America 25%, Europe 22.5%, Asia 19.5%, Oceania 10%, Africa 8%; Domestic 15%.
4. Internationl sales have professional knowledge and skills on these products and service. They have enough ability to solve the basic screw jack lifting and positioning systems technical problems by phone, online chat, face to face communication etc. 
5. 100% correct production and processing. There are the detailed part number details and drawing dimensions for clients reference. We start to manufacture the clients orders after get the their drawing dimensions approval.
6. 100% quality assured with double quality inspections. The 1st time, the quality inspection by QC from processing to finished products. The 2nd time, the quality inspection by sales themself. Before packing, the orders correcsponding sales who must inspect the finished products following the clients approval drawings. After that, the sales fill in the quality inspection report.
7. 100% safety transportation. Whatever ocean or air shipment, the packages are made of the strongest exporting plywood cases. Inner packing with epe foams to prevent products swaying. Outer packing with iron sheets and fasteners to fasten the complete one package. 
8. Fast delivery time: standard products with about 10-15 working days; non-standard products with about 15-25 working days.

Product Lists

1. Screw jack, it is also called as worm gear screw jack or worm screw jack, as one of mechanical power transmission part, the main components are consist of trapezoidal lifting screw (trapezoidal screw jack) or precision ball screw (ball screw jack), bronze worm gear or travel nut or ball nut, worm drive shaft, thrust bearing, sealings and ductile iron gear box. The worm drive shaft can be operated by a hand wheel, say manual operation screw jack, also can be driven by a electric motor, called electric screw jack. We have 6 series screw jacks for customers selection
2. Miter gearbox, it is also called as right angle miter gearbox or spiral bevel gearbox, as one of mechanical power transmission part, the main components are consist of spiral bevel gear unit (bevel gears), input shaft, output shaft, bearings, sealings and cast iron gearbox. We have 3 series miter gearboxes for customers selection, available gear ratios 1:1, 1.5:1, 2:1, 2.5:1, 3:1, 4:1 and 5:1.
3. Lift system, it is also called screw jack lifting system, screw jack table or screw jack lifting platform, as one of mechanical power transmission part, the main components are consist of screw jacks, miter gearboxes, couplings, drive shafts, pillow block bearings and drive systems. The light weight lift system can be operated by a hand wheel, say lightweight manual operation screw jack lift system, also can be driven by a electric motor, called electric screw jack lift systemWe have two jack, three jack, four jack, six jack, eight jack screw jack lift system. All dimensions of lift system are custom made following customers orders.

Finished Projects
Jacton industry best screw jack, miter gearbox, screw jack lift system and system accessories are widely used in kinds of industries. Finished projects and Production lines such as South Africa rail wagons projects, Mexico, Brazil and United States bolted tank lifting projects, Australia and France theater stage and orchestra pit lift platform projects, Russia, Australia and United States hydro projects or power station projects, the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan airport projects, Spain and Canada solar tracking projects, Malaysia and United States satellite dish projects, United States, Netherlands, Thailand and Indonesia food industries production lines, Iran steel industries production lines, United Kingdom and Thailand continuous PU panel production lines etc.

Oversea Customers
Jacton industry best screw jack, miter gearbox, screw jack lift system and system accessories oversea customers distributed throughout the world, such as United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Iran, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, South Africa, Egypt, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Greece, France, Austria, Italy, Russia, Netherland, Danmark, Belgium, Croatia, Ukraine etc.

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