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JTA15 Miter Gearbox

Model: JTA15-Mitergearbox--1To1-2To1
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Place of Origin: Made In China
Brand Name: JACTON

JTA15 Miter Gearbox Descriptions

1. Die-casting aluminum housing, lightweight, small sizes and corrosion resistance.
2. 1:1 ratio, 2:1 reduction ratio, efficiency is 95%.
3. Configuration available input and output solid shaft.
4. There are two way (one input shaft and one output shaft), three way (one input shaft and daul output shafts).
5. Spiral bevel gear units can rotate in both directions and transmit smoothly, low noise, light vibration, high performance.
6. Maximum output torque ranging 7.64 Nm.
7. Low backlash, quiet low noise, low running temperature.

JTA15 Miter Gearbox Specifications

JTA15 Miter GearboDimensional Drawing

JTA15 Miter Gearbox Ordering Information

JTA  –  15  –  1:1  –  1450R  –  1450R  –  I-LR
   1          2         3            4                 5             6        

1. Gearbox Series
JT: "Jacton" brand 
A: A series miter gearbox

2. Model
15: drive shaft diameter 15mm.
Before selecting JTA15, please check above JTA15 Miter Gearbox Specifications.

3. Gear Ratio
* Gear ratios such as 1:1.

4 & 5. Input & Output RPM
* 1:1 ratio, input speed = output speed.
For example, input speed 1500 rpm
* 1:1 ratio, output speed 1500 rpm.

6. Shaft Arrangements And Direction Of Shaft Rotating 
Drive shafts can be rotated in both clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation directions.
* 1-LR: 3 way drive shafts, input shaft CW, two output shafts CW.
* 1-LR-O: 3 way drive shafts, input shaft CW, two output shafts CCW.
* 1-R: 2 way drive shafts, input shaft CW, right side output shafts CW.
* 1-R-O: 2 way drive shafts, input shaft CW, right side output shafts CCW.
* 1-L: 2 way drive shafts, input shaft CW, left side output shafts CW.
* 1-L-O: 2 way drive shafts, input shaft CW, left side output shafts CCW.

JTA15 Miter Gearbox Applications

JTA15 miter gearbox is widely applied in printing machine, packaging machine, off-highway vehicle, grain bin anger, tiller, fans, hay baler, tub grinder, grain dryer, power rake, rock picker, food handling, stereo garage, amusement, packer, textile machine, food processing machine, diese engine drive water pump, rotary axis drive, vertical turbine water pump, lifting gear, crane installation, rolling mill, cable installation, conveyor drive and stranding machinery. Whatever your goal is to blend, blow, bottle, crank, cut, convey or the task is to press, propel or raise,, JTA15 miter gearbox is welcomed and ideal power transmission solution with all these industries.
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