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Application-Conveyor Systems Height Adjustment
The automated solution for beverage can production line conveyor systems height adjustment of wash tanks or spray infeed sweeps which use many pieces miniature screw jacks, miniature miter gearboxes, couplings, connecting rods and 5" handwheels, these parts are combined as a complete set mini screw jack lift system. Miniature screw jacks load capacities 2.5kN, 5kN or 10kN.

Jacton complete set mini screw jack lift system for beverage can production line conveyor systems height adjustment of wash tanks or spray infeed sweeps, saving man-hours and lowering the down time, crucial for increasing output and are extremely pleased with the recent financial benefits. Prior to the upgrade when the can washer area on each line required to be changed to accommodate a run taller or shorter cans the conversion would be completed manually. Jacton complete set mini screw jack lift system is utilized several stages for washing and blow drying the cans.

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