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Mechanical Linear Actuators description

Model: JDT22 - JTD56
Place of Origin: Made In China
Brand Name: JACTON
Mechanical Linear Actuators Description

JDT Series Mechanical Linear Actuators are the compact integrations of the motor and gear reducer with the acme screw and ball screw, unique advantages in terms of the price and the performance provide much more space to the engineer for designing. The new idea dispensed with the consideration of the hydraulic and pneumatic leakage as well as the pipes and valves.

Mechanical Linear Actuators Features
Synchronous Lifting:
the synchronous lifting can be achieved through the mechanical connection of multiple linear actuators, bevel gearboxes, couplings, connnecting shafts, motor or gear reducer. 
Self-locking: The majority of the products possess the self-locking function, thus increasing the performance security.
Precise Positioning: the positioning accuracy can reach 0.1mm.
Precise Control: equipped with encoder, potentiometer or rotary transformator, the closed loop positioning can also be realized through the inverter, PLC controller and the servo controller.
Overload Protection: can be equipped with the safety clutch, and the over-load sensor.
Others: Easy maintenance, low noise, can work normally under the harsh environment of high or low temperature, corrosive and explosive-prone environment.

Permissible Critical Bucking Force of Mechanical Linear Actuators
The primary electric cylinder actuators size selection factor is the bucking resistance of screw shaft, Also know as Euler cures, the graphs (Euler 2: Guided) below give safety operating state for each size of electric cylinder. Buckling limits are relevant for compressive load only.

Selection Notes of Mechanical Linear Actuators
The percentage of the duty cycle within 10 minutes
* JDT22 Mechanical Linear Actuator (Acme Screw): 25%
* JDT28, JDT32, JDT35, JDT40, JDT56 Mechanical Linear Actuators (Acme Screw): 30%
* The duty cycle can be increased if the actual load is less than the rated loads, please consult with the engineers for the specifics. 
* Please confirm the self-locking, and refer to the table of self-locking coefficients, choose the appropriate self-locking according to the actual application. To the acme screw and ball screw linear actuators without self-locking function, please match the brake with them.
* For the acme screw and the ball screw linear actuator with the stroke of 300mm, the axial error is 0.1mm.
* For special custom design, please consult with engineers.

Self-locking Conditions for the Mechanical Linear Actuators
The self-locking state of the actuators can be categorized into four types as follows:
* Static Self-locking
Self-locking coefficients is less than 0.35.
The actuator will not move under the external push or pull load, provided that there is not vibration.
* Dynamic Self-locking
Self-locking coefficient is less than 0.3. 
If the load direction is opposite to the move direction, the actuator does not move in the case of power off.
Self-locking coefficient is less than 0.25
If the load direction is the same as the move direction, the actuator does not move in the case of power off.
* Uncertain Self-locking
The self-locking coefficient is between 0.35 and 0.55.
The actuator will move up and down under the increased external load.
* Non Self-locking
Self-locking coefficient is above 0.55.
The actuator will move up and down under a minimum load.

Mechanical Linear Actuators Accessories

* Motorized driven (AC or DC)
 by asynchronous motors (normal, YEJ brake, YVP variable frequency, B explosion proof, D multi-speed), stepper motors, servo motors with encoders and controllers. IEC motor flange or NEMA C-Face motor adapter for connect with motors. Frequency inverters.
* Manually operation by Aluminum handwheels, or Cast iron handwheels.
* Connection Devices: Couplings. Universal joints. Telescopic universal joints. Connecting shafts.
* Screw Protective Devices: Bellows boot. Telescopic spring covers. Rigid Protective tubes.
* Safety Devices: Limit switches. Proximity switches. Safety nuts. Anti-backlash nut. Overload safety couplings. Stop nuts. Position Encoders. Overload clutch. Brake motor. Linear braking elements. Wear detection/monitors. Linear guides and rails. Potentiometer. Pressure sensor.
* Others Accessories: Travel nuts. Position indicators. Trunnion adapter plates. Trunnion mounting brackets. Pillow blocks. Flange blocks. Rod end bearings.
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