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India customer 20 ton screw jack bolt-on stop plate

Model: JT-20T 20 ton screw jack
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Place of Origin: Made In China
Brand Name: JACTON
India customer 20 ton screw jack bolt-on stop plate. India customer imports complete heavy duty screw jack systems such as 3pcs 20 ton screw jacks with left shaft, 3pcs 20 ton screw jacks with right shaft, 12pcs big universal joints, 5pcs big couplings, 3pcs short drive shafts, 5pcs long drive shafts, 2pcs heavy duty 1:1 gearbox with 1-LR code, 2pcs heavy duty 1:1 gearbox with 1-LR-O code, and 1pc 4kw double output shaft bevel helical geared motor. Custom made the lifting screw of 20ton jack which bolt-on stop plate as stop nut, to prevent the lifting screw move out of the gearbox, be more safetly.

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