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Screw jacks can be operated manually or by electric, hydraulic or pneumatic motor.
Screw jacks are suited for lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling and pressing. They can be operated manually or by electric, hydraulic or pneumatic motor. Screw jacks provide a lifting force of up to 100tons/1000kN, a spindle length of up to 10 metres and achieve lifting speeds of up to 50 mm/s. (higher lifting speeds upon request).

motorised screw lift

* Worm gear screw jack
* Loads up to 100 tons
* Ratio 5:1 to 40:1
* Driven manually or by motor
* Aluminum bronze worm gear
* Self-locking safety feature
* Heavy duty cast iron housing
* Versatile configurations and mounting
* Low noise
* One year limited warranty

motorized transmission lifter

In the event of excessive torque the safety function disengages and the motor gets separated from the motorized screw jack drive system. Overload safety couplings are a life insurance for electric and motorized screw jack or lifting systems, no matter whether the error is due to incorrect operation, faulty programming, material overload or tool

motor with worm gear lift

The Screw jacks can be deployed individually or in groups properly connected with shafts, joints, and/or bevel gear boxes. They can be driven by electrical motors, with either alternating or direct current, as well as hydraulic or pneumatic motors. They can be driven manually or with any other type of transmission.

electric jackscrews

Our screw jack kit makes it possible to install various motor sizes or types, including brake motors matched according to the required lifting force directly on the screw jack. If there is not enough space for the brake on the motor side, the spring-loaded brake provides a solution. It is mounted on the free shaft end. In addition, we also have fr

electric worm gear jack

The screw jacks can be used separately or in groups connected with drive shafts, joints, couplings, bevel gearboxes and other mechanical components. They also can be driven by different motors: electrical, with either AC motor or DC motor as well as hydraulic or pneumatic motors. All these motion control products can be built in many type jacking

worm gear motorised screw jack

Screw jacks or screwjacks transform a rotary input into linear movement in a vertical or horizontal plane. Both push and pull loads are acceptable in any mounting orientation. Inputs are generally from electric motors connected by couplings or directly by flange.

gear motor with screw actuator

Jack with Geared Motor
* Can be used immediately after installation as it comes with a geared motor.
* Uses a small, light, and quiet geared motor. Fine inverter drive motor characteristic. Can be used in a wider range of torques when combined with an inverter.
* 1/3 standardized against reduction gear ratio of geared motors.

motorized screw jack for lifting

Operation can be either manual or motorized. Screw Jack can be used as single units, in dual or multiple arrangements. Motion uniformity is warranted also when operating multiple Jacks of different sizes with uneven load distribution.

electric jackscrew acuators

Screw jacks transfer the rotatory movement provided by an electric, hydraulic, pneumatic motor, or handwheel into a linear motion: a vertical lift, in pull or push, or horizontal positioning. They can be used individually or in configurations made up of several screw jacks coupled together through couplings, transmission shafts and bevel gearboxes
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