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self jack system using screw jack

Model: self jack system using screw jack
Place of Origin: Made In China
Brand Name: JACTON

Self jack system using screw jack parts include bevel gearboxes, screw jacks, flexible couplings, connecting shafts and pillow block bearing etc. Electric motor operated with high speed or low speed. For lightweight and short stroke adjustment, manual operation is avaiable. Compared with pneumatic cylinder lift systems or hydraulic table lift system. JACTON self jack system using screw jack features cover heavy duty-load capacity up to several hundreds tons, self locking-no need brake mechanism or others locking systems, precision positioning, easy to control according to your own design, synchronizing lifting, multi-units uniform travel speed, multiple screw jacks lift system arrangements, easy installation, maintenance free and long service life.

Self Jack System Using Screw Jack Efficiency
Two screw jacks lift system, I or T layout, efficiency 95%.
Three screw jacks lift system, T layout, efficiency 90%.
Four screw jacks lift system, U or H layout, efficiency 85%.

Two Screw Jacks Lift System
Two screw jacks lift system I and T layout, transmission efficiency 95%.
2 jacks, 0 or 1 gearbox, 1 or 2 connecting shafts, 3 or 5 flexible couplings, 1 electric motor operated. 

Three Screw Jacks Lift System
Three screw jacks lift system T layout, transmission efficiency 90%.
3 jacks, 2 gearboxes, 4 connecting shafts, 9 flexible couplings, 1 electric motor operated.

Four Screw Jacks Lift System
Four screw jacks lift system H and U layout, transmission efficiency 85%.
4 jacks, 3 gearboxes, 6 connecting shafts, 13 flexible couplings, 1 electric motor operated.

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