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self-locking single lead jacks

Model: JT-0.5T to JT-100T
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Place of Origin: Made In China
Brand Name: JACTON
"JACTON" self-locking single lead jacks advantages:
1. Customized translating screw, keyed screw or rotating screw
2. Customized upright or inverted installation
3. Customized input worm shaft types or flange input types 
4. Customized lifting screw travel stroke
5. Customized screw jack model following loads capacity
6. Customized manual operated or electric driven
7. Customized lifting speed
8. Customized lifting screw end fittings
9. Customized multiple units lifting system
10. Customized kinds of accessories

"JACTON" self-locking single lead jacks provides precise positioning, self locking, positive mechanical actuation, uniform lifting speeds features, used to push, pull, pivot, lift, lower, position loads, apply pressure to a linear actuations. Directly replaced pneumatic and hydraulic lift mechanism with cleaner, quieter and more reliable solution. Lifting force and precisely position range from 0.5ton to 120ton, customized 150ton, 200ton, 250ton heavy duty screw jacks. All uints are suitable for intermittent operation providing that the housing temperature including ambient is no lower than -30 degree C or higher than +85 degree C. Individually or multiple units lift system, depending on the load and system sizes.

"JACTON" self-locking single lead jacks design parts incorporate an heat treated alloy steel worm and high strength bronze worm gear (drive sleeve), heavy duty taper roller bearing, cast iron or nodular iron cast housing, grease sealing and self locking lead screw. The lead screw has to be lubricated from time to time for smooth operation. When the load is more and screw is only support for the load, it is considered unguided and so providing guides is recommended and are necessary when load is more.

"JACTON" self-locking single lead jacks accessories include flexible jaw coupling, worm gear speed reducer, ball joint rod end bearing, digital position indicator, swivel mounting bracket and swivel plate, horizontal and flange type pillow block bearing, helical geared motor, electric motor, hand wheel and hand crank, connecting drive shafts, bellows boot, geared potentiometers, encoders and limit switches.

"JACTON" self-locking single lead jacks application in aircraft maintenance docking systems, inclination adjustment of apron converyor, marine lifting platform, surface machining tool height adjustment, straightening machine height adjustment, large doors auto opening, large windows auto opening, tube straightening machines, blow molding, extruder machines, ergonomic platform lift, closestool mold, surface grinding machines, aerospace equipment, aircraft equipment, automotive, communications equipment, conveyor equipment, damper system equipment, earth station antenna, electric industry equipment, food & beverage industry, gas & oil equipment, glass handling equipment, general industrial equipment, maritime, material handling equipment, medical, metalworking equipment, military eefense, packaging industry, paper industry equipment, plastic extrusion, printing industry equipment, smelters, solar power drive systems, specialty equipment, steel industry and testing equipment. 

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