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1000KG In-line Heavy Duty AC Volt Industrial Linear Actuators

Model: LAP1000
Place of Origin: Made In China
Brand Name: JACTON
Mechanical linear actuators typically operate by the conversion of rotary motion into linear motion (motion in a straight line). Mechanical linear actuators convert rotary motion of a control knob or handle into linear displacement using screws and/or gears to which the knob or handle is attached. A jackscrew or car jack is a familiar mechanical linear actuator. Another type of linear actuator is based on the segmented spindle. Rotation of the jack handle is converted mechanically into the linear motion of the jack head. Mechanical linear actuators are also frequently used in the field of lasers and optics to manipulate the position of linear stages, rotary stages, mirror mounts, goniometers and other positioning instruments. For accurate and repeatable positioning, index marks may be used on control knobs. Some linear actuator designs include an encoder and digital position readout. These are similar to the adjustment knobs used on micrometers, except that their purpose is position adjustment rather than position measurement. Conversion is typically made using a few simple mechanisms:
Screws: lead screw, screw jack, ball screw and roller screw linear actuators all operate on the principles and functions of a simple screw. By rotating the actuator's nut, the screw shaft moves in a straight line.
Wheel and axle: Hoist, winch, rack and pinion, chain drive, belt drive, rigid chain and rigid belt linear actuators operate on the principles and functions of the wheel and axle, wherein a rotating wheel moves a cable, rack, chain or belt to produce linear motion.
Cam: Cam linear actuators function on a principle similar to that of the wedge, but provide relatively limited travel. As a wheel-like cam rotates, its eccentric shape provides thrust at the base of a shaft.
Some mechanical linear actuators only pull (such as hoists, chain drive and belt drives), while other types only push (such as a cam actuator). Pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, or lead screw linear actuators can be designed to provide force in both directions. The selection of the linear actuator is dependent upon the application and budget.

1000KG In-line Heavy Duty AC Volt Industrial Linear Actuators, 1000kgf Electromechanical Electric Actuator Replace Pneumatic and Hydraulic Actuators. 1000KG In-line Heavy Duty AC Voltage Industrial Linear Actuators features include heavy load capacity, high linear speed, long service life, low noise system, no oil leaks, contamination or fire risk, accurate and repeatable positioning using simplified system, easy synchronization, easy installation, no pipework, powerpack and valves, choice of end fittings like clevis, threaded end, top plate, trunnion mounting (with or without feet), proximity switches, guided ram (guiding the load side loads on the actuator ram should be avoided by ensuring that the load is guided), and bellows boots. 1000KG In-line Heavy Duty AC Voltage Industrial Linear Actuators can not only match the load capacity of hydraulic cylinders and exceed the load capacity of conventional electric linear actuators. Main application in coiling machines, decoiling machines, continuous operation process lines, tundish cars, scissor lifts, lifting platforms, robotics, continuous paint pumps, medical beds, gates, dampers, oven and processing tank doors, antennas, and agricultural equipment.

1000KG In-line Heavy Duty AC Voltage Industrial Linear Actuators Technical Details & Drawings

Trunnion Mounting Feet Drawings

1000KG In-line Heavy Duty AC Volt Industrial Linear Actuators are application in gates, dampers, oven and processing tank doors, antennas, orthopedic tables and other medical equipment, ergonomic furniture, and agricultural equipment, scissor lifts, scissor platforms, lifting platforms, robotics, continuous paint pumps, medical beds, coiling machines, tundish cars, continuous operation process lines opening and closing, tilting and pivoting, lifting and lowering, and positioning etc. Custom designs linear cylinders are also available for your special applications. 

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