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solar positioning system screw jack

Model: solar positioning system screw jack
Place of Origin: Made In China
Brand Name: JACTON
solar positioning system screw jack accurate positioning solar panel tracking system, which is the ideal solutions of solar panel tracking system, because solar positioning system screw jack is equipped with self-locking acme screw, protective pipe, bellows boot, limit switches, swivel plate, swivel mounting base, electric motor and gear reducer. solar positioning system screw jack solves the problem that solar panel tracking system must be highly rugged and can withstand wind force and weather,function reliably,maintenance free for many years,safety self locking and accurate positioning tracking movement. If solar positioning system screw jack with high accuracy ball screw, must be equipped with brake mechanism.

solar positioning system screw jack accurate positioning solar panel tracking system features:
1. Load capacities 5 Ton, 10 Ton, 20 Ton.
2. Travels 750mm, 1200mm, 2000mm etc. Custom length is available.
3. Translating screw with clevis end. Or Keyed screw with threaded end attaches rod end.
4. 24V DC motor with planetary gearheads or AC helical gear reducer are available.
5. Direct-type mounting by motor flanges between jacks and motor/reducer.
6. Accessories: motor flange, bellows boot, protective tube, female clevis end etc.

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