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Worm gear screw jacks and electric drive from a single source.
Worm gear screw jacks and electric drive from a single source. Motors and motor adapter flanges with worm gear screw jacks to produce powerful drive packages that can be put to use quickly and without complications. They are intended to have 3-phase motors attached as standard. Motor adapter flanges are used to mount motors to worm gear screw jacks and house the coupling for connecting the motor to the drive shaft. When ordering, please specify the side to which the motor adapter flange is to be attached. 

motor driven screw jack

Screw jacks are suited for lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling and pressing. They can be operated manually or by electric, hydraulic or pneumatic motor. Worm gear screw jacks provide a lifting force of up to 1000 kN, a spindle length of up to 10 meters and achieve lifting speeds of up to 0.05 m/s.

electric motor screw jacks

Motorized Single unit, pair units...multiple units or tandem screw jack arrangements with kinds of motors for gates. Selecting correct screw jack models following sluice gate sizes, gate weight, gate friction force, water pressure, water impact force, required travel speed etc.

electric linear jack

Multi-jack lifting systems use 2, 3 or 4 jacks. For reasons of synchronization, it is usual to employ a single geared motor, often with a double output shaft such as is possible with a helical bevel design. Connection between the screw jacks is made by spacer couplings and bevel gearboxes.

electronically operated synchronized screw jack

Electric motor lifting device: A lifting device consists of an electric motor, a gearbox and a drum with a cable for lifting a mass. A screw jack that has a built-in motor is now referred to as a linear actuator but is essentially still a screw jack.

precision worm electric screw jack

Multi-screw lifting systems with mechanical synchronization are driven by a single motor, which makes them impervious to unequal load distribution and its negative effects on the synchronization of the screw jacks.

precision electric screw drive jack

Screw jack reducer performance and dimensions
Screw jack C face motor adapter.
Motorized Screw Jack Actuator Performance

electric gearbox lifters

TRANSLATING SCREW JACK / ROTATING SCREW / TRAPEZOIDAL SCREW / MOTORIZED. The longer the stroke, the less load it can lift, considering the compression limit of the screw. It can powered by motor, belt or handwheel. Can be mounted uprightly, horizontally or inverted for different applications with different screw end. It is stable, accurate and sp
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