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Electric Screw Jack

Model: Electric Screw Jack
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Place of Origin: Made In China
Brand Name: JACTON

Electric Screw Jack main structures include a worm gear screw jack and an electrical motor. Worm gear screw jack includes self-locking worm gear amce screw jack and high precision worm gear ball screw jack. Electrical motor includes high precision servo motor, helical gear motor, stepper motor, worm gear motor, 3-phases asynchronous motor and 12v, 24v, 48v dc motor & dc gear motor etc.

Electric Screw Jack structures 1: screw jack + coupling + electric motor / reducer (B3 / horizontal mount / foot mount).
Electric Screw Jack structures 2: screw jack + motor adapter + coupling + electric motor / reducer (B5 B14 NEMA / vertical mount / flange mount).
Electric Screw Jack structures 3: screw jack + motor adapter + electric motor / reducer (B5 B14 NEMA / vertical mount / flange mount).

Electric Screw Jack load capacities 0.25 ton, 0.5 ton, 1 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton, 5 ton, 10 ton, 15 ton, 20 ton, 25 ton, 30 ton, 35 ton, 50 ton, 100 ton. Our engineers will select the correct Electric Screw Jack models following customers' dynamic load, static load, travel speed and work conditions etc. Note: all screw jacks models can be combined with electric motors / reducers as an Electric Screw Jack.

Electric Screw Jack Is Combined With Swivel Plate For Pivoting Load

Electric Screw Jack With 12V 24V DC Motor or Gear Motor

Cubic Electric Screw Jack With Travel Nut

Electric Screw Jack with Motor Flange and Limit Switches

The motor power of Electric Screw Jack like 1/8HP / 90W, 1/6HP / 120W, 1/4HP / 180W, 1/3HP / 250W, 1/2HP / 370W, 3/4HP / 550W,  1HP / 750W, 1.5HP / 1.1KW,  2HP / 1.5KW, 3HP / 2.2KW, 4HP / 3KW, 5.5HP / 4KW, 7.5HP / 5.5KW, 10HP / 7.5KW, 15HP / 11KW, 20HP / 15KW, 25HP / 18.5KW, 30HP / 22KW, 40HP / 30KW, 50HP / 37KW, 60HP / 45KW, 75HP / 55KW. When the motor power larger than 75HP / 55KW, please consult JACTON sales engineers.

The motor pole of Electric Screw Jack like 4-pole and 6-pole. 1500rpm is based on 4-pole 50Hz. 1800rpm is based on 4-pole 60Hz. 1000rpm is based on 6-pole 50Hz. 1200rpm is based on 6-pole 60Hz. Geared motor / reducer output speed rpm = motor speed rpm / reduction ratio. The Electric Screw Jack travel speed mm/min = motor / reducer output speed rpm x the travel stroke mm per turn input rpm.

The available voltage of Electric Screw Jack like 3-phase 380V 50Hz, 3-phase 220V 50Hz, 3-phase 400V 50Hz, 3-phase 415V 50Hz, 3-phase 440V 50Hz, 3-phase 460V 50Hz, 3-phase 480V 50Hz, 3-phase 660V 50Hz, 3-phase 220V 60Hz, 3-phase 240V 60Hz, 3-phase 480V 60Hz, single phase 220V 50Hz, single phase 110V 60Hz, single phase 240V 50Hz. Some customers' engineers or designers use DC 12V, 24V, 36V or 48V DC motor or DC geared motor for special use like solar tracking systems or when electricity is inconvenient etc.

The available motor mount types of Electric Screw Jack like B3 / horizontal mount / foot mount, B5 B14 / vertical mount / flange mount. Custom made NEMA 56C, NEMA 140TC, NEMA 180TC, NEMA 213TC / vertical mount / flange mount. Suitable IEC motor frame No. like 56, 63, 71, 80, 90S, 90L, 100L, 112M, 132S, 132M.

Electric Screw Jack With Electrical Control Boxes

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