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Micro screw jack actuators have been used in headbox slice lip profiling applications.
Micro screw jack actuators have been used in headbox slice lip profiling applications. Suitable for slow and fine adjustments. Standard Jacks are self-locking, for non vibrating applications. Screw Jacks complete with greaser nipples. Standard models, without Anti-Rotation device, require the end of the Worm Screw to be held in position to prevent rotation.

light weight worm screw lift

Precision light weight worm screw lift (cubic design) are high quality engineering products for precise lifting, lowering and pivoting of loads, and are, under normal operation, maintenance free. The use of high quality ductile iron and aluminium in the production of the housings guarantees a long life and a high operating margin. All housings hav

small miniature worm gear linear actuator

Small miniature worm gear linear actuator european light series
* Mechanical screw jack with housing in high strength Aluminium alloy.
* 5 different sizes (JTC2.5, JTC5, JTC10, JTC25).
* 4 different reduction ratios (1/5, 1/6, 1/20, 1/24).
* "Featuring Trapezoidal spindle (self-locking).
* Featuring Ball Screw spindle (high efficiency).
* Gre

small jack screw

Mini Cubic small jack screws 2.5kN Lifting Capacity is the baby in the range. With a body size of only 50x60x50mm this compact yet robust screw jack has a load capacity of 2.5kN making it ideally suited for smaller applications such as the adjustment of process equipment and systems.

screw jack light duty

Consider all application constraints then choose a product that looks suitable for the intended application. If you need help choosing which screw jack light duty best meets your requirements then, calculate the power and torque requirements. This is a 5 step process:
* Screw jack Input Speed
* Operating Input Power (kW),P
* Operating Input torq

mini screw jack electric

Machine mini screw jack electric are the most widely used mechanical actuator for intermittent duty cycles as the actuator incorporates a precision worm gear set in a rugged casting delivering positive, precise actuation. The cubic design offers modern aesthetics and versatile mounting on two faces of the gearbox, while eliminating the need for up

mini lift screw jacks

Key Features of mini lift screw jacks:
* Cubic Metric Machine Screw Jack
* Capacities 2.5kN as Standard
* Translating and Rotating Screw configurations
* 2 Gear ratios and 2 screw leads as standard
* Anti-rotation (keyed) design option
* 6 mounting options including trunnion

light weight machine screw jack

Cubic light weight machine screw jack featuring a compact and versatile cubic housing. High reliability and performance are guaranteed with the same precision worm gear set.

mini worm gear screw jack

Standard mini worm gear screw jacks are fitted with right-hand worm screws and right-hand spindles. The figure shows the rotation directions and the respective linear movements. In principle, jacks with single-start trapezoidal screws offer a high level of irreversibility. System inertia can vary depending on the application and can be eliminate

miniature worm drive lift mechanism

Miniature worm drive lift mechanism can be installed in any position. The worm gearing has a specially modified form which results in low inter-gear specific pressures and an extended working life. The worm is manufactured from high quality alloy steel, hardened and ground. Normally the spindle pitch and gear ratio are matched. Single start

micro lift jack

Screw Jack can be configured to lift, lower, push or pull in the most demanding linear motion applications. Micro lift jack is based around a cubic body and building block principle, giving different design options.

light-weight miniature jacks

Light-weight miniature jacks are available in a basic version and a travelling nut version.

micro-miniature actuators

Micro-miniature actuators with a cubic housing shape unite the idea of converting a rotary movement into an axial movement with the aesthetic exterior of the cubic housing to form a functional unit, through which the constructive basic idea of a simple and robust Screw jacks design was ideally realised.

small worm gear screw jack

Cubic small worm gear screw jacks are used wherever controlled lifting, lowering and slewing is required. They can be installed singly, in pairs or as part of a multiple jack system.

mini screw lift jack

Cubic mini screw lift jacks are used wherever controlled lifting, lowering and slewing is required.

micro mechanical actuators

Precision micro mechanical actuators screw jacks are specifically designed to provide highly precise lifting, lowering and pivoting of loads. These units feature a cubic housing (machined on all sides) made out of high quality grey cast iron and aluminum, ensuring excellent durability and long service without any need for maintenance (under normal

small jackscrew gearbox

The cubic design enables the use of the small jackscrew gearbox in all mounting positions. As an Translating version with continuous spindle or as an Rotating version with rotating spindle in combination with a running nut, the screw jacks can be assembled for the respective application.

small acme screw actuators lift

The cubic-type small acme screw actuators lifts are lifting elements that have enjoyed great popularity among users for decades due to their shape and characteristics. The screw drives from our own production, paired with high-quality worm gearboxes, result in screw jacks with outstanding properties in terms of lifting power and smoothness.


* Translating, Keyed, and Rotating type worm gear screw jacks
* Load capacity 2.5 kN
* Cubic design provides precision machined mounting surfaces
* Self locking trapezoidal screw offers maximum stroke of 1.5m
* Single jack or multiple jack systems
* Custom design available

miniature leveling screw jack

Miniature leveling screw jack features a comprehensive line of worm gear jacks. These cubic-style worm screw jacks are available in three versions: Translating, Keyed, and Rotating, each with a number of possible configurations and options. Cubic Worm Screw Jack is the solution for a wide variety of industrial lifting, lowering and pushing applica

tiny jack for lifting

The cubical design and the all-round handling facilitate an easy alignment of the drives during installation. Tiny jack for liftings are operated wherever loads have to be positioned under moderate duty cycles and little dynamic.
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