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Hot Products
Hot Products include hand operated screw jack, electric screw jack, hand crank table lift mechanism, micro screw jack, miniature right angle gearbox, miniature bevel gearbox, manual screw jack, motorised screw jack, stainless steel screw jack, electric cylinders, small 90 degree gearbox, hand crank screw jack for lifting table, small right angle gearbox 1:1 ratio, small screw jacks, miniature lifting screw jack, motorized screw jacks, and hand wheel screw jack.

Hand Operated Screw Jack

Hand wheels are available for Screw Jack so that it can be easily used for manual operation. Hand wheels are used for self-lock equipped machine screw jacks only. Because ball screw jack and high lead screw jacks are not equipped with a self-lock, the input shaft may be reversed by a load, therefore, it is dangerous to use the hand wheel.

Electric Screw Jack

Mechanical screw jacks can be operated by manually or by electrical motor. More than one screw jacks can be connected together to move simultaneously. Because the jack is driven by electric motor, it has higher efficiency than manual screw jack.

Hand Crank Table Lift Mechanism

Hand crank table lift mechanism includes 2.5 ton screw mechanisms two lifting points, 5 ton screw mechanisms two lifting points and 2.5 ton screw mechanisms four lifting points. It is not recommended small sizes 0.5 ton or 1 ton screw mechanisms two lifting points. Our hand crank table lift mechanism with self locking screw jack.

Micro Screw Jack

Micro screw jack is for precise lifting, lowering and pivoting of loads, and are, under normal operation, maintenance free. They are made with two design concepts: travelling screw and travelling nut. Both are based around a worm gearbox with cast housings in ductile iron or aluminum.

Miniature Right Angle Gearbox

Miniature right angle gearboxes are highly precise and powerful lightweight gearboxes. These aluminium gearboxes cope with today's high requirements in every respect. They are small, of low weight, and space-saving. It is not without reason that they are used worldwide. Miniature gearboxes are also known as small gearboxes.

Micro Right Angle Gearbox

Miniature right angle gearboxes control speed and torque just like standard gearboxes. Also known as speed reducers and gear drives, miniature gearboxes are lightweight and manufactured in a variety of configurations and with different shaft outputs.

Manual Screw Jack

A hand wheel is a convenient solution for manually operating a jack when using self-locking trapezoidal screw jacks in intermittent positioning applications. Hand wheels are available in a range of diameters from 125 mm to 500 mm and can be adapted for use on screw jacks up to the 20-tons capacity model.

Motorised Screw Jack

Motorised Screw Jack can be used as linear motors, linear actuators, or mechanical lifts depending on type of motion. They can be used to push, pull, tension, lock, unlock, tilt, pivot, roll, slide and lift or lower loads, anything from a few kilos to thousands of tonnes.

Stainless Steel Screw Jack

The stainless steel screw jack series can be applied in marine environments where oxidising is a problem. They are ideal for applications where a permanent resistance to oxidising is a requirement.

Electric Actuators Replace Hydraulic Actuators and Pneumatic Cylinders

Electric Cylinder Actuators lift and precisely position, available in ball screw and acme screw. They are are basically worm gear screw jacks. However the screw is fully enclosed by push rod which is guided in external protection tube.

90 Degree Miniature Gearbox

90 Degree Miniature Gearbox is using miniature gears, we have designed and built unique, high precision mini gearboxes. Our miniature gearboxes are available in numerous configurations. We can also provide custom micro gearboxes that are designed and built to meet your unique specifications.

Hand Crank Screw Jack

Screw jacks come assembled, threaded, and ready for hookup. Connect a motor or hand-crank shaft to the screw jack shaft to lift, hold, position, and level loads. Lifting table or desk is an common application of Hand Crank Screw Jack. The screw jack mechanism includes two jacks, shaft and couplings.

Small Right Angle Gearbox

Small-sized, low noise, ultra-lightweight type of our compact right angle gearbox. High-performance spiral bevel gear is used to enable silent and high transmission operations. Universal mounting type that can be mounted in any direction. These aluminium gearboxes cope with today's high requirements in every respect.

Small Screw Jack

Small screw jack with cube shape are compact design for the adjustment of process equipment and systems. Build small screw jack systems from our range of modular components. They are used to precise lifting, lowering and pivoting of loads, and are, under normal operation, maintenance free.

Miniature Screw Jack

Miniature Screw Jack is a cubic type jack in the compact design. Lightweight with anodized aluminum housing. Available in translating, rotating and keyed for anti-rotation. It allows for extremely fine adjustment. Bronze worm gear, C46 worm and lifting screws materials.

Motorized Screw Jack

The rotary movement can be supplied manually or thanks to the help of hydraulic or pneumatic motors. Or thanks to electric motors, like the induction motor. And motorized screw jack is to avoid the fatigue of human during lifting of the load.

Hand Wheel Screw Jack

The screw jack makes it possible to transform the rotary motion provided by an electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic motor or even a handwheel, into linear motion that allows push or pull vertical lifting and horizontal positioning. They can be used to lift, pull, move, or align any type of load with perfect synchronism.
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